Barça B insists on being able to capture Villalibre

There are three-way contacts to pave the assignment agreement. Elche was interested along with Almeria for the rojiblanco ram weeks ago.

Athletic Athletic Director Rafa Alkorta acknowledged that there were three players on the starting grid, Oleaga, Ganea and Villalibre, and that the assignments represent a collection of obstacles in the negotiations for the penalties for matches or for canines that are the clubs of Second when assuming part of the card of the players that have been leaving: Nolaskoain (Depor), Iñigo Vicente (Mirandés) and Andoni López (Elche) .

In this position is Asier Villalibre, the scorer of the subsidiary that, despite his 23 goals, has not passed the cut. Garitano has opted for Kodro to compete with Williams and Aduriz for the 9. Barça B, as already advanced AS, insists on capturing the forward of Gernika, 21 years old. to reinforce the Blaugrana subsidiary, where precisely Ezkieta or Galarreta were already recently. The negotiations are open to three bands. In the Barca subsidiary there are four nines right now: Abel Ruiz (who has been with the first team and can be transferred), Peque, the Hispanic-Venezuelan Marquis and the Brazilian Novaes.


In addition, Elche and Almeria had been keenly interested weeks ago by Villalibre, another thing is that now they have configured their templates or that the rojiblanco squad is not a priority.

The Mirandés, waiting, and Racing has already been unmarked

The Mirandés captained from the bench by Andoni Iraola was the last team interested in the benefits of the Gernika Buffalo. This was admitted by club leaders coinciding with Athletic's visit to Anduva for the friendly that closed the summer in Miranda. On the other hand, Racing, on the other hand, retired from the bid for Villalibre adducing Chuti Molina, who had already “discarded” them last January, when the subsidiary was the competence of the Santander team and there were playoff options.

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