Areola: triumphed in Villarreal and did not consolidate in the PSG

The French goalkeeper, raised in the PSG quarry and born in Paris, never managed to establish himself as the undisputed holder in the club.

Alphonse Areola (Paris, 1993) is one of the great French hopes for the goal, although it has never finished curdling. Formed in the PSG categories and born in Paris, his dream was always to triumph in the team of the French capital. 2 In the national team he also expected a lot from him, but so far he has only played 3 games.


2016-17, after his assignment at Villarreal. At the Castellon club, where he played loans in 2015-16, he played 37 games at a high level. 2 It was one of the great sensations that season. That helped him, finally, to have the opportunity he expected: a gap in the first team of the PSG.


In that 2016-17 he had enough prominence (27 games) but without the regularity or level expected. He alternated great performances with other gray parties and that prevented him from consolidating as a starter. 222222

He also caused the PSG to continue its search for a renowned goalkeeper. Meanwhile, Areola maintained prominence: 43 matches in 2017-18. It failed to consolidate and the Parisians came to the market: Buffon arrived in the summer of 2018. Despite the arrival of the Italian, Areola won the trust of Tuchel and played 31 games , alternating ownership with Buffon.


Buffon has left and Areola has failed to convince as that solid goalkeeper who is looking for the PSG. Therefore, although it has started as a starter (four games played), the leaders have continued to track the market. Donnarumma, the great objective, could not be achieved. That is why they have continued their search with Keylor. 2 Areola's great dream, that of succeeding in the team of his city, seems to definitively move away…

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