"We are the fifth humblest budget in the category"

"We have been able to let people like Maripán, Laguardia or Pacheco out but we have prioritized the sports project," says the Alavés sports director.

Working breakfast with the Alavés Sports Director . Commendable gesture of the club albiazul causing a meeting between media and club, with breakfast in between, in the sports city of Baskonia. Sergio Fernández has acted as master of ceremonies and has entered fully into the recesses of the summer market.

“We have a limit of about 38 million euros to pay salaries, staff costs and operations to configure the campus. Logically, to get people like Pacheco or Laguardia to stay here, you have to make a considerable economic effort and raise their salary. We currently do not have money to do operations. Either departures are confirmed to release salary mass or there will be no tickets, ”said the Sports Director of the club albiazul.

About the possible casualties he reflected. “We have been able to let people like Maripán, Laguardia or Pacheco out but we have prioritized the sports project. The idea is to reinforce the template and not weaken it. For Duarte, for example, we have reached offering 6 million euros. Against the majority sentiment, of what people think, we have said that , why do we want to make cash if we then put the sports project at risk? Let's not forget that we are the fifth humblest budget in the category ”, he warned.


On Friday the 25 numbers will be given. “ Between Tachi and Verdon there will be an exit. We are looking for a transfer in Second to Saul. Dani Torres and Twumasi could leave in the next hours. Fuchs also has French football offers. With Demirovic we will see what happens but, except for an interesting transfer, the club does not contemplate leaving , ”he added. More than money, permission to sign within the terms set by the LFP. Calleri is a clear objective, I will not deny it. But the group that takes him, Maldonado, does not accept the transfer option, only the sale option ”. Precisely, the economic limitations will cause, according to all indications, that the last to arrive are soccer players provided by other clubs until June 2020.

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