1x1 of Madrid: Marcelo again hurts and Vinicius asks for a place

The side was absent in defense, but instead made a goal and gave another, but failed in the tiebreaker. And the end left a couple of moves that no one else in the squad seems to be able to make.

Courtois: did everything he could to support Madrid. He started with a double stroke of luck: Pellegrini missed an empty goal behind a goal and Ünder sent an excellent threaded shot into the crossbar. Before and after, the Belgian stopped as much as he got from Florenzi, Dzeko, Perotti, Ünder himself ... Little could he do in 1-1 of Perotti, in which it was sold, and in 2-2 of Dzeko, in the one who was shot by Bosnian. The rest were shots that a goal of Madrid should take without problems, but the general tone was security. In the second half it was hardly demanded, he watched the game with some placidity. In the penalties he could do little before the shots of Kolarov, Ünder, Antonucci, Cristante and Spinazzola, although guessing pitches is not his fierce. the left flank that Madrid must watch closely in the defensive phase. Of course, it cost him to damage Rome when he appeared in rival area; That will come when your physical and game point is optimal. He left the site at 62 'to Odriozola. 444444

Militao: he alternated good gestures and anticipations with other worrisome actions. Zaniolo portrayed him in a boarding school on the right that did not end in a miracle goal and gave Dzeko enough space for him to do the 2-2 (although very little is enough for Bosnian). He saw the yellow for a rather untempered entrance on Ünder. He was about to make a comic mess minutes from the end, but luckily the action ended in nothing.

Varane: well above, at the start of the ball, in which Casemiro carried much more weight than him. In that Ramos demonstrates much more hierarchy and the French must acquire it, and fast; If Zidane finishes betting on this drawing, it will be Varane who will take the baton in the absence of the Sevillian.


Nacho: the center that suffered most of the three, although it was his turn to dance with the most unpredictable attacker in Rome: Ünder. The Turk is a bullet in driving, nor does he know where he is going to leave, as if to guess it. He won the game clearly in the first minutes and released a kick to the crossbar; then, one on one, he would find the shot again, this time repelled by Courtois. He settled with the passing of the minutes. His ballot was not easy: Marcelo's continued absences in defense left him at a disadvantage. He left at 46 'for Jovic to enter


Marcelo: in defense, as usual. It is deleted and the rest must do their job, and it is not always possible. The 1-1 came after a Zaniolo boarding school on his side that Casemiro could not cover and left was the preferred side of Rome to damage Madrid. At least he made up for it by producing an attack at a good pace: he scored the 0-1 with a great play (trimming in and kicking right) and assisted Casemiro in the 1-2. Fate was a cruel tad with him: the penalty that gave the makeshift tournament to Rome failed.

Casemiro: before a rival of much more entity than the Red Bull Salzburg, it cost him much more to contain the attacks and be that dam that Zidane needs in the middle while the team refines in defense. He could not stop Zaniolo in the 1-1, although he made up for it by scoring the 1-2, with a powerful jump. He left the site in 61 'to Bale. 444444

Modric: brief strokes of the Croatian in a performance not especially bright, although leaving the pass to Marcelo in the 0-1, a great diagonal displacement that broke the Romanist balance. Effort, everyone in the world, but at his age he often lacks that point of freshness to get to the cut or to change rhythm. The game was a bit long, but it ended with dignity and scored his penalty in the final round.


Valverde: deployment and energy, what good lack to Madrid, but without too much weight in the game. In the 2-2 both he and the rest of the medulla were very passive before Ünder and paid for it: he attended Dzeko with a lot of vision.

Benzema: failure, once again. In the first half he went on tiptoe and in the second he started better, but without success. First, he crashed an easy ball in a defense and then released a good right, repelled by Pau. Then he ran into the exporter of Betis. He left at 61 'to enter Kroos. 444444

Hazard: if Zidane has changed the white drawing to facilitate the work of the Belgian, to free him from defensive tasks and to focus on attacking, the technician must be congratulated: mission accomplished. Hazard passed almost completely from the pressure and dedicated himself to throwing unchecks without much final production. What Zidane should ask is whether it is worth changing the scheme to sponsor this Hazard: playing on his back and often with no choice ofPlowing, the Belgian is much less than it could be, its main quality, the overflow, is minimized. At the end of the second half and from the second he stuck to the left lime and it became clear that this is his natural habitat, where he can generate more for Madrid. He left the site to Hazard in 71'.

Vinicius: he entered Valverde in 46 'and in his first action he gave a goal made to Benzema that the French ruined. Shortly thereafter, he left a great game: he left in counterattack, overcame several clear fouls and yellow-worthy grabs and ended up generating an occasion that Jovic finished off badly. He could score in the final leg, but Pau denied him both. His clairvoyance in the dribble, his spark in the one on one is a treasure that Zidane must manage, for the sake of Madrid and for his own. -4-2 with a clear tendency to 4-2-4 and with a lot of gunpowder above: from right to left, Vinicius, Jovic, Benzema and Hazard. Vinicius created a great opportunity for him that the Serbo-Bosnian did not take advantage of: he hit the doll, centered and without a pulse. Then he again lacked tino in another hand by hand. He needs a first goal that uncovers everything that the former Eintracht can give. 444444

Bale: he entered the 61 'by Casemiro. Zidane seems resigned to keeping it and, if it has to be that way, wants to get something out of Welsh. He placed him on the left, centering Hazard again. He did not leave too many details, just a backlash in which he tried an outdoor shot that almost came out and a shot from the front deflected by little, but at least he saw a Bale more focused on playing than on looking for equipment or lowering the field pair. It's something. He even allowed some fantasy to mark his penalty in the batch. 444444

Kroos: He entered the 61 'by Benzema. He tried, without much success, to contain the rush of Rome when the game was finished. The game did not go much with the German, more useful in white control duels than in power to power pulses. He scored with authority his penalty in the batch. 444444

Odriozola: entered the 62 'by Carvajal and suffered a lot with Kolarov and Kluivert by his side. It is not to compete the position to Carvajal, at least for the moment.

Isco: he entered the 71 'by Hazard and in his first minutes he was seen enough, testing his shot and his centers to the pot. Good minutes from Malaga, who contributed to the good general tone of the team in the final stretch of the crash. Well launched and marked his penalty in the batch.


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