Yamaha results are the motivation of Rossi

The podiums of Maverick and Quartararo make the Italian want to find solutions to overcome his most irregular start in MotoGP.

They say that there is nothing like the house itself and although Assen is not the home of Valentino Rossi, the Italian formed a home there over the years thanks to the nueve victories he has achieved in his career. 'The Doctor' is the ultimate winner in 'La Catedral', that scenario that allowed him to ring the bells again after his failure in Ducati and also in a complicated season for Yamaha as it was in 2017, of which dragging problems that have never gone away. Moreover, for the Tavullia, continue to grow.

Rossi, which met in Holland two years of drought at the top of the podium, faces its more irregular start in the queen class after having added its third consecutive zero of the year . The Italian is suffering more than in the worst times of Ducati and only in 2016, when he finished as runner-up the season, he had signed three zeros at this stage of the course (Austin, Mugello and Assen). But of course, there accumulated two victories and 103 points, compared to 72 that now adds to his locker after a start with two consecutive podiums that invited to return to believe in Yamaha options. Esas, with which the rest of pilots They have their same motorcycle again on the Dutch track.

The Maverick victory, the Quartararo podium and the fifth position of Morbidelli have now become a Italian motivation: "I have to work to get closer to them" . Rossi failed in Assen in what was the resurgence of Yamaha and the biggest concern of 'The Doctor' is that even in one of those idyllic settings to regain confidence was able to have speed: "I was never fast on this track where I have always been fast, I feel slow and the bike is very heavy. " But seeing the results of his teammates, Valentino returns to point to Yamaha: " You have to find something that also suits me, only three races ago that was fighting for victory " and ambition continues to scratch inside ...

Photos from as.com
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