Where will Pau Gasol play? Your options in the market

The first days of July have solved most of the doubts about the main free agents, but the fate of the Spanish remains a mystery.

The opening of the transfer market and the first days of July have solved most of the doubts of the fans. Kawhi, Durant, Kyrie, Kemba ... all the destinations have been clarified, some of them with surprise included, assuming some of the movements a real bombing inside the NBA. The operations have taken place and now it is the turn to complete the templates with support players, something that is being done gradually.

However, there are still questions to be resolved. One of them is Pau Gasol. The one in Sant Boi is being a real mystery in the present market, and there are very few news about it. Wojnarowski gave the most sounding news about his person. The Spaniard, who is a free agent and can sign with any League team, confirmed that he would continue (at least) one more year in active , but he did not give more clues about his future and at the moment nobody knows what the team will be in the one that plays the next campaign.

Only there is a clear track, and they are the words of the own Pau: " what has more sense is to follow in the Bucks", said the Catalan briefly. With the Milwaukee franchise has only been able to play three games in what has been a fateful year for him, marked by injuries and lack of minutes.

A new contract with the team would allow him to make up after a bad year and show that still can continue playing basketball, in addition to continue opting for the ring in a very attractive project with a view of the future that, led by Antetokounmpo, already reached the Eastern finals in the last playoffs. Of course, the group led by Mike Budenholzer has acquired in the market to Robin Lopez, brother of Brook Lopez, who also have renewed. Little room in the inner rotation for a player who needs minutes ahead of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, his great objective.

There have also been rumors, especially in the United States, of a possible return to the Lakers. The angelina franchise marked a before and after in the career of the elder Gasol. There he coincided with authentic basketball legends such as Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson, settled in the nobel part of the league and won two champion rings. It is an option, but we remember that Los Angeles is already DeMarcus Cousins and JaVale McGee, although pa Johnathan Williams, who seemed to be signing, they withdrew the qualified offer and is free agent without restrictions. Not to mention Anthony Davis. Little site in LA for a basketball player who has been the protagonist of the last golden age of the franchise.

Another rumor that has sounded strong, this one in Spain, has been the option to return to European basketball, specifically to Barça. It is a very distant hypothesis but it has intensified with the reinforcements of the azulgrana in the market, where they are moving like fish in the water. The arrival of Nikola Mirotic has been a real bombshell, and it was speculated that this could attract Pau, with whom he already shared team in the Bulls and Bucks this last season.

Since, this option seems distant. The Spaniard already said halfway through the year that the possibility of returning to Barça was increasingly complicated and it seems that his intention is to finish as an NBA player, where he has a name and a reputation that span almost two decades. He is unlikely to return to Europe, although nobody opted for the return of Mirotic ... and there it is.

Bulls, Grizzlies, Raptors ... Knicks?

The rest of the options are only speculative. Pau could choose to return to Chicago, where he lived two seasons, in which he was All Star and one of the team leaders. In the franchise are in full reconstruction and do not have large numbers, so the Spanish could choose to return to a city that he likes and act as mentor of young people; in addition to having minutes, since the rotation of the team is not particularly long and there are no big playoff aspirations, at least in the short term.

Back to the Grizzlies, his first team in the NBA, seems a possibility further. He has an emotional connection with the city of Memphis and is an idol in the franchise, like his brother Marc. Of course, there have been no rumors about his possible return. Nor about a possible arrival at the Raptors, where the little one of the Gasol (and Ibaka) plays, with whom he could share costumes. It is an option that has always been spoken but that has never come to fruition, and it also seems complicated. Not so much the possibility of calling on the Knicks, another city that could like the Spanish and another team in which, as in the Bulls, could have minutes and help young people.

As we have already said, Spanish is a free agent and puto sign with any team in the League. Most likely he does it for the minimum veteran, but what we do not know yet is who he will do it with. La 2019/20 will be his nineteenth season in the NBA, where he has set a great career and surely will be Hall of Fame. Your future, for now, in the air.

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