Volkswagen ID.R: first electric car that wins an F1

This electric beast of 680 HP adds a new feat in its long curriculum. He managed to shoot faster than the McLaren MP4-13 at the Goodwood Festival.

Hito. Feat. Gesta. Heroicity. Use the word you want to define the epic that the Volkswagen ID.R got at the Goodwood Festival. Because this prototype has become the first electric car to roll faster than a Formula 1.

39,9 seconds is the time it took Romain Dumas to travel the kilometer and 860 meters that make up this mythical hill located near the city of Chichester, 1.7 seconds faster than Nick Heidfeld, holder of the record of the contest for 20 years thanks to the chrono of 41 , 6 seconds recorded on board the MP4-13.

"The short climb is a very special challenge, because the track was so short, I could not afford even the smallest mistake, and every aspect of the ID.R set-up should be perfect ", said Dumas, who had already managed to shoot under 40 seconds in his previous run.

An electric beast 680 hp that adds a new feat in its extensive curriculum, which excels its record of seven minutes and 57 seconds in Pikes Peak and six minutes and five seconds in Nürburgring Nordschleife.

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