Tour of Madrid: last call for Lucas, Isco, Mariano ...

Zidane will have a small group of players who start at a disadvantage and need summer to show their heads. A loophole also for Brahim and Vallejo.

Zidane today heads the Real Madrid expedition that will land in Montreal (Canada) with clear ideas. He wants to trace the summer base that gave him the double, he starts to equip in his mind the possibilities offered by the new signings (Hazard, Jovic , Rodrygo ... ) and also those who start from the substitution or even have difficult to enter the calls and are forced to poke their heads. Now or never ...

Lucas Vázquez, at the door

De tasting the honeys of the usual ownership with Solari to be now competing with Asensio, Rodrygo, Brahim ... and the entrenched Bale. When he returned Zidane in the final stretch of the last course he returned to his role as a constant substitute (he only played three games in the beginning). Now there is overbooking in his band and the club is tempted to sell it. The entity has an offer from Arsenal for Galician (€ 30M) and is not considered essential. In fact, Lucas will be measured precisely in the United States to the Gunners the next day 23 in Washington ...

The reinvention of Isco

No get on the plane to Montreal for his imminent fatherhood but in Canada and the International Champions Cup is played a lot. Zizou confirmed that he was a substitute and the Spaniard replied that he accepted it. It does not fit in the 4-3-3 that Zidane handles and less if Pogba finally arrives. But the French coach confessed at the end of last year that he plans to change drawings, possibly eventual. That is the door for Isco. With Hazard being a footballer with a profile similar to his, Isco needs to reinvent himself to remain relevant.

Mariano, third nine

Empecinado in showing that he is the striker who marveled in Lyon before returning to have a bad year in Madrid, is the most obvious case: o squeeze the minutes in preseason or will have it very difficult with Jovic (a signing of € 60M) and Rodrygo offering the variable of being false nine. Last season he had a hard time. The pressure to inherit the '7', the sciatic nerve and two more injuries sent him to the caboose. Roma loves you, has a sign in Europe but a salary unaffordable for many potential buyers. A third luxury striker, in the eyes of the club.

Brahim and Vallejo, nothing to lose

The summer is almost his only option to climb in the rotation. So much so that both holidays were cut to be before butt. The Malaga was the first with Odriozola to return voluntarily to work in Valdebebas, a week before the rest, and the second, brand new European champion Under-21 , is waiting for you in the final leg of the tour, already in the USA. You will only have 20 days of rest. Both have it very difficult, but at the same time nothing to lose. Brahim showed his hunger in the games of last season, of which Zidane took note, and Vallejo is the fifth central theorist so he has many options to end up being an assignment, but Militao has not yet been seen and Nacho He could also leave. A good preseason is the catapult that both need ...

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