The Valencia sports fans in the 25th Convention of Peñas

The event held in Alzira was attended by more than a thousand fans and also by President Anil Murthy, Marcelino and three players of the first team.

The valencianismo is very alive. That was one of the phrases that was repeated in the 25th edition of the Peñas Convention. And ganar a title eleven years later stoked the feeling of the peñistas and more than a thousand people did not want to miss an event that also attended Marcelino, Murthy, Gameiro, Kondogbia and Jaume. Event that was chaired by the Copa del Rey, with which everyone who wanted to take photos.

An initial canapé, futbolistas, president and coach came to the Sala Rex of Alzira while the supporters received them to the cry of "cup champions" . Once in the main room and after the relevant photos, it was time for speeches where Anil Murthy was proud of the internationalization that the club is experiencing. Marcelino and Jaume took the opportunity to thank the fans for all the support received last season.

In a year where everything has been success, the peñistas took the opportunity to show off their team and enjoyed an event full of activities. The players and the coach They marched after the discrusos since the team returns to work at seven in the afternoon, but Anil Murthy yes that stayed to the food and was cordial and kind with all those that approached him.

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