The tenth masterpiece of the Kaiser Márquez in Germany

Despite the fact that his Honda made him a stranger at the start, he remade himself, led from start to finish and signed the 10th consecutive win on this track. Maverick and Crutchlow, podium.

It must be very good, but very, very much, to win ten consecutive times in the same circuit, and all of them also after having signed the pole the day before. At that level, Marc Márquez, is a legendary driver who is on the way to his eighth world title, the sixth in MotoGP, and in Germany he is a complete kaiser, where the crossed arms goal is allowed.

It is not risky or risky to insure something like that. And is that are already 58 points ahead of those who have the head of the general, after the first nine races of the year, with ten ahead and, worst for his rivals, with the feeling that there are days when not It has a rival This was intuited in Sachsenring before the race, because he had shown more pace than anyone, and so he made it clear from the start.

Although his su Honda made him a stranger at the start, the champion was remade in the first curve, led from start to finish to sign the tenth consecutive win in this track. It was from the fourth lap when he broke the race definitively. The moment Rins overtook Maverick and became the first of his pursuers, the ilerdense scored two consecutive fast laps to stretch the lead to the second, and he did not decrease until crossing the finish line with 5.5 over Maverick, which ended second.

El Yamaha inherited the second place thanks to the failure of Rins, who went to the ground on the nineteenth lap, when he was three seconds from the head and took one to the third. It was at turn 11, before facing the descent of the slide, the most delicate point of the circuit and where he lost the front wheel at 180 per hour. It was an error of his, as in Assen, the second consecutive and a full blown for his moral.

From there the excitement was in the fight for the second place, because Crutchlow, who finished third, did not give up on his endeavor at all time to try to overcome Spanish. He did not do it and Mack was able to complete a fantastic week for him, with a first and a second in eight days. Behind them, Petrucci, Dovizioso, Miller and Mir took fourth place in a fun fight that ended with that order in the finish line. The one who missed in the top positions this time went to Quartararo, who fell in the second round when he was seventh. And Rossi, who finished a very gray weekend with the eighth place. As for the rest of the Spaniards, Aleix dropped when he was ninth with two laps to go. Rabat finished eleventh and Pol twelfth.

And that's all MotoGP gave in the garden of Márquez, where he won in 2010 with the 125cc, in 2011 and 2012 with the Moto2 and since 2013 with the MotoGP. And those that remain, because the Sachsenring Kaiser is insatiable.

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