The Spaniards in the Tour: Cortina, pitcher in Brussels

The Spaniard was the last pitcher of his colleague Colbrelli in the Belgian streets to finish fifth. Enric Mas had to change his bicycle.

The first day of the Tour de France 2019 did not have much Spanish prominence as it was a day for specialists in the sprint. Cortina was the one who showed up most in the streets of Brussels to throw his teammate Colbrelli. You will have your chance in this Tour. The large group of Spaniards of the Astana.

This was the Spaniards in the first stage of the Tour de France

Iván García Cortina (35º): The Spaniard, with good top speed for the arrivals, was the pitcher of his teammate Sonny Colbrelli . He helped the Italian to come back to be fifth.

Enric Mas (51º): He had a breakdown that forced him to change his bike and increase the pace to catch the group in the middle of the stage.

Alejandro Valverde (67º): The world champion did not get into the finish and held on to a comfortable position in the peloton, especially after the small montonera.

Gorka Izagirre (74º): He had to support his leader Fuglsang in a bad day for the team.

Luis León Sánchez (79º) : He also had to come down from the peloton after the fall of Danish. He was tucking his leader.

Marc Soler (83º): Calm day for the Catalan, who was at all times with his team leaders.

Mikel Landa (88º): Luckily, the vitoriano saved the various falls and arrived without problem to the goal of Bruselas.

Omar Fraile (97º): Like his companions, he was with Fuglsang. He was the first to be next to the Dane when he went to the ground.

Pello Bilbao (129º): He knows that the general is not his job and he let himself fall. Then he had to help Fuglsang. Teamwork.

Jesús Herrada (141º): Mota del Cuervo, no problems in the peloton. The important thing was to save the day and he got it.

Imanol Erviti (150º): He also saved the day after having a hard time on the streets of Brussels.

Carlos Verona (166º): With a striking bandage on his left leg, He dropped in the final kilometers to arrive more calmly to the finish.

Jonathan Castroviejo (171º): He recovered forces for the team time trial, where he will be one of the important men of the Ineos.

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