The Royal Society must decide whether to go for Borja Mayoral

The club from San Sebastian meditates if it continues negotiating with Real Madrid to close its signing, while its agent talks again with Levante.

The arrival of Borja Mayoral at Real Sociedad is no longer so secure. What a few days ago seemed a signing almost sung, right now is standing and with enough ballots so that it ends without materializing. The reality is that the club from San Sebastian has to make a decision soon if it is definitively launched by the Parla striker, or if he finally passes up the opportunity to close his contract, after spending weeks working on it, have everything agreed with the player and take very concrete steps with Real Madrid to lay the foundations of the medication.

In Dirección de Fútbol is not hidden that it is a player who likes, that has been followed a lot and whose reports are very good. That's why they were in a hurry to start the contacts as soon as they finished last season. And that's why it was the second summer that he was wondering about his situation, after the interest shown in the transfer market last year. The problem is the price of Borja Mayoral. Because Real Madrid, together with the player, decided it was time to leave, they did not want to look for another assignment. And the white club began unchecked exorbitant amounts for what until now had offered in the elite Parla player, initially asking for 35 million euros for their recruitment. Afterwards, his pretensions have been lowered, when the player asks him to put facilities to his exit and to choose his destiny. The latest figure requested by the white club was some 15 million euros.

However, are still considered high amounts in the San Sebastian club, which has tried to lower the price of its signing, including in the operation also variables. Contacts with Madrid have been maintained in recent weeks, while with Mayoral an understanding was reached on the conditions of his arrival at Real. The player of Parla has been giving optimistic news of his signing for the San Sebastian club, so much so that he did not hesitate to repeat his desire to reach San Sebastian, recognizing the interest and contacts with the Real. But what seemed well on track not so long ago, is now more than in the air. The Real must decide what to do with Mayoral, because his signing will not be cheap (10 million will not go down), and would be a bet for a player with a great future, which in the long term can give a great performance because quality He has to do this, but he would not have a secure place in the realistic front next season, because it is counted on that Willian José stays and have arrived Alexander Isak and Portu.

This reflection is the one made in the state of San Sebastian, and is what is holding back the progress of the negotiations. It does not mean that it is not going to be done, but to this day it is complicated and the situation is not clear at all. Of course, in la Real must make a decision in the coming days, because Mayoral is still waiting for the Real, with his publicly expressed desire to play txuri-urdin dress. But he also wants to solve his future as soon as possible. For that reason, if representative, Manuel García Quilón, has offered it again to clubs that had also shown interest in Mayoral days ago, such as Levante, which had considered it discarded, but now sees that it may have started, especially if He ends up selling Roger Martí to Espanyol, who would have asked about his situation before the possible departure of Borja Iglesias to Betis. Even a transfer, which was ruled out weeks ago, now arise again, when the idea of the operation was a sale with the option of repurchase by Real Madrid. Roberto Olabe and Jokin Aperribay must decide, therefore, if they bet on Mayoral, with a strong investment for a player that they like, that they have a lot of present, but with which they would look more in the future.

Odegaard agreement to renew with Madrid and reaching the Real

Martin Odegaard has already reached an agreement with Real Madrid to renew his contract for two more seasons. As he ended his contract in 2021, he became involved with the white club until 2023. There was a small economic problem, in certain amounts to be received and the subsequent clause, but they have been solved and the understanding is complete, so that he can leave on loan to The Real Sociedad for the next two campaigns, up to 2021. However, this extension will become official when the details of the transfer contract of the Norwegian player to the entity from San Sebastian are finished.

In that aspect, the agreement is also total, all is negotiated, but not drafted and profiled, because there are still certain impediments of tax type, bureaucratic issues with the taxes that generate thisipo operations so that the parties have the same charges and get as little damage as possible. They have been stagnant for several days on these paperwork issues, but from the San Sebastian club they insist that the operation does not run any kind of danger, and they trust that everything will be finalized in the desired way in the coming days, before Sunday, without ruling out that Odegaard can be in the massive presentation of all his signings this summer that have been planned for this Sunday in Anoeta.

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