The Rockets are interested in the situation of Russell Westbrook

The future of the base seems to be far from Oklahoma. The Thunder, with the transfer of George, have begun a period of reconstruction.

The time of Russell Westbrook in the Oklahoma City Thunder seems to be coming to an end. The sports project, led almost from its beginnings by the Californian base, seems exhausted and Sam Presti, the general manager of the franchise, has decided to start a reconstruction period to procure a new assault on the ring. The transfer of Paul George to the Clippers a few days ago, in addition to the exchange today with Denver by Jeremy Grant, has only been the spearhead of the journey through the desert that the team is willing to face. To complete the process, just missing the Californian base exit.

Los Rockets, according to Tim MacMahon (ESPN), have been interested in the delicate situation of Westbrook in Oklahoma, orphan of first swords that accompany him to fight for the playoffs, The Raptors had done it before. This approach of Houston is not strange, because fits the model of signings of superstars who like to Daryl Morey, general manager of the Texans, through sound transferences. It should be remembered that, following this pattern, added to James Harden and Chris Paul, the most outstanding players in their most recent time.

Presidently Paul is the basketball player who has more ballots to adopt the opposite of the Westbrook, if it finally arrives Houston The base has an agreement with the Rockets for three seasons for a total of 125 million dollars, while Westbrook remains to collect 171 million in the next four years (if you accept the player option of the campaign 22/23). In addition, the latest information has pointed out that the costumes of the Rockets is a powder keg ready to explode, if it has not already done so. Harden and Paul had strong arguments over the course of the last year for the style of play and, with the departure of Paul, the Rockets could please Harden.

To do this, both sets would need the collaboration of third-party teams. Oklahoma has 13 first-round draft picks very greedy in the next six years, while those in Texas, not to mention Paul, have notable assets such as Clint Capela or Eric Gordon.

If this move is made, the Rockets would return to bring together in one team, not counting the national teams, Westbrook and 'La Barba', who shared shirts precisely in the Thunder. They would also add the best players in the league in the years 2017 (Russell) and 2018 (Harden ). A very risky bet to regain the title of the NBA, which the city of Houston has been waiting for more than two decades.

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