The RFEF and LaLiga close the Coordination Agreement

Federation and League, without Rubiales or Tebas, reach an agreement, pending only the signature, for the next five years. A judge will decide if there are games on Mondays.

The Federation and LaLiga have sealed peace in the Higher Sports Council and have renewed for the next five years the Coordination Agreement that expired on June 30 and is key to the running of the competitions. Only the signatures of the presidents of both institutions are pending. LaLiga and the RFEF have signed a minimum agreement between the two institutions, so tomorrow will be held the draw of tomorrow's calendar if their latest requests are not met. The key meeting, without Rubiales or Tebas, took place in the presence of the Secretary of State for Sport, María José Rienda.

LaLiga and the RFEF have already reached an agreement, after ten previous meetings, whereby the employers will continue having the competition of the name of the competition (naming), the ball and the schedules, while the RFEF will be able to carry out its restructuring in the format of the Cup and the Super Cup. Where there is no consensus and the audiencia will take action in the matter of the Monday games. It also seems unlikely that Thebes withdrew its complaint against Rubiales for alleged threats in the first meeting they had months ago for the agreement. In addition, they have agreed that as of next season, the money that LaLiga distributed to ProLiga and women's soccer will be delivered to the RFEF so that she can distribute it. "Very proud of the work of these months, very proactive on both sides, they still have to sign and ratify the corresponding presidents, it is a minimum agreement, basically on Mondays and Fridays they are out and things to keep working. It would have closed everything in a block, but these minimums are important. They are working meetings, and until the real agreement is reached ... That's why the presidents have not come.We have been three months to be able to close this, but we has advanced a lot ", declared María José Rienda.

What includes this agreement

Tebas has managed to maintain the skills of LaLiga naming (renewed with Santander), as well as the ball (signed with Puma) . The RFEF ceded, favored because it will receive more money in return, with the objective that the employers also raised their hands, as they have done, with the modification in the formats of the Cup and the Supercopa His complaints in the Hearing have already been withdrawn. Not so a staff from Tebas to Rubiales. Schedules will remain in the hands of LaLiga, so Sunday's game at 2:00 pm still stands. In addition, the Coordination Agreement is now signed because it is key to the operation of the competitions. By law, and although otherwise there was no agreement, they have to coordinate to prepare the calendar (tomorrow is drawn), to formalize the number of teams, promotions and descents, to make the licenses of non-EU and to maintain the sport discipline and arbitration. The RFEF, with Villar, yielded 13 competitions to LaLiga y, although Rubiales has wanted to recover several of them, everything will remain the same because it will not block or prosecute the soccer. LaLiga will authorize advertising on sportswear, it will have power in the security and conditions of the stadiums, authorize the dimensions of the pitch, manage everything related to licensing ...

What does not include this agreement

The Monday game is outside this minimum agreement, as well as women's football . There, it seems that the courts will have the last word. With the arrival of Rubiales, the Monday game has been the big dispute with LaLiga in the agreement. The president of the Federation does not want to be played that day and, in addition, intends to leave an exclusive time slot on Sundays so that the amateur matches do not coincide with the professionals. Fridays do accept them because they decongest the calendar and schedules, being on the edge of the weekend, they do not harm families as much as Mondays.

LaLiga understands that when this agreement was signed the RFEF never put up opposition and that, for this, he perceived 3.3 million plus the rise of the CPI. Rubiales is not satisfied, since he sees that figure scarce given the television revenues (more than 1,500 million). For that reason, he asks to be given the exact amounts paid for playing this day to stop making estimates (Tebas refuses) and, in addition, he demands around 30M € to allocate them to modest football. LaLiga does not give in: it argues that the RFEF already charges for this concept through the Royal Decree. Women's football will bring equal or more queue with the new RFEF League. This topic, crucial, has not been touched now so as not to blow up the rest of the pact.

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