The return to Lamar Odom's basketball lasts ... a match! Out of the Big3 because of his poor physical condition

The one that was champion of the NBA with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010 has been deactivated of the league of 3x3 that was disputing in Las Vegas.

Lamar Odom has not returned with a good footing to basketball. Certainly it is in a semi-professional league, the Big3 (promoted by the rapper Ice Cube, with the support of CBS and in which many ex-players of the NBA play), but for him it meant a new beginning. You will not be from now: it has been deactivated from the 'roster'.

Enemies, the team in which Odom was framed (along with Craig Smith, Perry Jones, Frank Robinson, Royce White and Gilbert Arenas), has already played three games , but Odom only played the first: dos two points, four rebounds and one assist.

After that first game he explained in an interview that "once he picks up the rhythm again, there will be no problem". He has not played more and has been taken out of the Big3.

The tournament explains "from a competitive point of view": they want to "optimize competition, protect the health of players and raise the professional level". It is not, therefore, for reasons unrelated to the sport itself this decision.

He has not been the only one who has finished his experience there. Bonzi Wells, Jermaine O'Neal and Baron Davis, also out of the league for the rest of the season.

In the previous tournament Odom said this: "I hope this situation prepares me to be able to go to play another country next season because that is what I want to do above all: I want one last chance." It will be difficult for this ex-NBA champion to fulfill that goal after this setback suffered.

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