The new organization chart of the Academy: Angulo, to the Youth A

The group ché updates its sports organization chart, highlighting the rise of Angulo del Juvenil B al A.

The Valencia CF has announced the list of technicians who will occupy the different benches of the club's academy during the 2019/2020 season. The main novelty is that Miguel Angel Angulo will be in charge of directing "Juvenil A" in Division of Honor, after taking charge of Juvenil B during the previous course.

The appointment of Angulo arrives after the known loss of Miguel Ángel Ferrer "Mista" as coach of said team due to his signing for the quarry of Rayo Vallecano. The Spaniard will have to lead a set of Valencian promises that will play for the second season in a row "Youth League"

On the other hand, Emerson Esteve, who has directed during the last two seasons Cadet A being champion of his category in both seasons, will replace Angulo as coach of the second team of the youth.

The club has announced the different technical bodies of football teams 11 on the morning of July 1 on its website, complete the list as technicians: Javier Sanchis (Cadet A), Miguel Albiol (Cadet A Foundation), José Luis Bravo (Child A), Vicent Amposta (Infant A Foundation) and Vicente Castro (Infantile B) .

The complete list

Division of Honor Juvenil A

Trainer: Miguel Angel Angulo

Second Technician: Paco Cuenca

Preparador physical: Sergi Benet

J uvenil B

Entrenador: Emerson Esteve

Segundo coach: Ivan Carrasco


Preparador: Alvaro Cremades

Cadete A

Entrenador: Javier Sanchis

Segundo Coach: Fernando Martin

Preparador physical: Rafa Maicas

Cadete A Fundación

Entrenador: Miguel Albiol

Segundo technician: Pablo Seral


Preparador: Carlos Coret

Infantil A

Entrenador: José Luis Bravo

Segundo coach Fran Lapiedra


Preparador: Enrique Requena

Infantil A Fundación

Entrenador: Vicent Amposta

Segundo technical: Javier Hurtado


Preparador: Carlos Sanchis

Infantil B

Entrenador: Vicente Castro

Segundo technical: Alfredo Ramos444 4444

Preparador physical: Carles Romero

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