The Movistar gap in time with Ineos opens without Castroviejo

The Spaniard, now in the ranks of the British team, is the differential factor in the time trial between both teams. Without him, Movistar lost 50 seconds in the 2018 season.

The turn of the team time trial comes in the second stage of the 106th edition of the Tour de France. In recent years, the organization of the gala round resorts to this type of day to establish the primary differences between the great favorites of the general. It does not serve to determine the winner, but can decide who will be discarded from the final fight.

In this type of stage, the two blocks that are emerging as more powerful international squad, which also have several tricks to fight For the triumph to Paris, are Ineos and Movistar. However, if we compare the performance of both sets in the counter-sets by teams of recent years, the telephone training does not come out especially well unemployed.

Ese differential factor is determined by the figure Jonathan Castroviejo. The Spanish, a true specialist against the clock, changed or of airs in 2018 after six seasons in Movistar. With the contribution of the Basque, the team of Eusebio Unzué signed good performances with respect to Sky in the last tests by teams, precisely, in very similar stage profiles in terms of altitude and distance if we compare them to the chrono of this Sunday. In 2013, Movistar only gave 17 "with Sky in the time trial of Niza (25 km) and was 20" away from Orica, the team that won the stage. And in 2015, the results were even better at the stage of Vannes-Plumelec (28 km): Movistar to 3 seconds of Sky and to 4 of BMC, the winners.

But this gap opened considerably since last season. Already without Castroviejo in Movistar, the Sky team left the Spanish team far behind: 50 seconds of difference in Cholet's time (35.5 km) . The British squadron, with a block of runners very similar to this season's ( Thomas, Bernal, Kwiatkowski, Castroviejo ...) like Movistar (Landa, Quintana, Valverde, Soler ...), took advantage of having Castroviejo in their ranks to open an advantage in the first week that already conditioned the rest of Tour for its main rivals.

With a Mikel Landa and a Nairo Quintana, leaders of the telephone set, nothing optimistic about his role in the time trial ("A team clock is the worst day for me," said Landa; " We will give some time ", admitted the Colombian"), the 'factor Castroviejo' can be decisive for what remains of Tour in favor of Bernal and Thomas, leaders of Ineos. The 27 kilometers of time trial in Brussels d will answer ...

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