The madness made career

Perez threw Loureiro at the start, Ana Carrasco dropped, there was almost a hit ... He spent everything in the test that Sabatucci won.

Whoever sat in front of the television at 4:15 PM to watch the Supersport 300 race in Donington would have his eyes wide open watching everything that happened on the track. Seeing is believing. It is difficult for more things to happen in less time. Although the race of the small category of the Superbike World Championship was the shortest (13 laps), it left tremendous images from the start until the Italian Sabatucci crossed the finish line first.

The first incident would not be long in coming. As the traffic light went out, Mika Perez, who started in fourth place, crossed the track from side to side and hit with excessive violence the South African Loureiro, that fell to the ground passing in front of several motorcycles while it did not stop spinning on the asphalt. An incomprehensible movement of the Spanish that earned him a more than deserved Ride Through for which he finished 20º.

Aún had not completed the first round when the cameras focused other accident in which had involved not one, but two more Spaniards: Ana Carrasco and Borja Sánchez. The reigning champion started 15th and all his options to close the gap on the leader Manu Gonzalez, who could not play the race for his strong fall on Saturday, ended before he could even think about them. It was 19ª.

And the last of the impressive images of the SSP300 race came in the group that was fighting for the victory. De Cancellis fell off the curve when he led with three laps left with the bad luck to get into the path of Ieraci, who had the great fortune to be able to react in time and avoid a hit that would have been very serious. It happened a lot, but everything was in a scare.

Manu González will continue arriving as leader to Portimao (September 8) with 43 points over Ana Carrasco and Scott Deroue.

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