The inopportune advice of Lorenzo to Mir in Montmeló

"I also have sometimes preached something that I have not fulfilled, because in hot you can do anything", says the Suzuki about the Balearic Islands.

During the Dutch GP he spoke again about the involuntary strike of Jorge Lorenzo in the second round of the MotoGP race in Montmeló, with which he took the ground with him to Dovizioso, Maverick and Rossi. In doing so with Mir, revealed to AS a curious anecdote that counted with grace and without the intention of generating controversy. It's something that happened on Thursday, during the photo to celebrate the 70 years of the championship, a really untimely advice in view of what happened next in the race.

"What happened? It was a curious moment. 2 The most curious moment I lived on the Montmelo line was not on the bike. Just tell you that ... "began Suzuki before starting:" Go, come, I'll tell you. Really, and without wanting to create controversy, I'll go to tell anecdote. Let's leave it at that, because this sometimes happens and I'm the first to sometimes say some things and then do other things ... Let's go there ... ".

And he started to tell:" This season he coincided enough times in the first laps with Jorge Lorenzo. As I left behind and had a good pace, because I was always going up and he is one that also in the first laps is very aggressive ... Menudos dos met ... We have had some rifi rrafe during the first laps of some races, the two with aggressive movements, taking us from each other a bit of the line, touching us and all this. And it turns out that on Thursday, on the Montmeló straight, there was a Dorna event where we all went in tuxedo and I just had Jorge next to me for the photo. And in this he tells me how I wear it. I tell him that well, that every time better. And he says: "What, did Valentino take you out?" And I: "Yes, he pushed me a lot in Mugello". And he: "I saw it. And he says: "Dude, is that vas very aggressive in the first laps, you are very aggressive and you have to be careful because these are very dangerous bikes and you really have to be careful, because you can hurt yourself, you can hurt yourself And I: "Ok, okay. Do not worry, but what am I going to do Jorge, if is on the 19 because I have to go back I'm not going to squeeze the ass? "And then I was amused after this the first or the second round he did in the race Montmeló, as he referred only to the first round and in the second one, it can be tightened ".

The Spaniard began laughing with the final part of the story and became more serious to finish:" It was a very funny anecdote , being a pilot, I have also sometimes preached something that I have not fulfilled then, because in hot you can do anything ".

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