The Court files the cause of the F1 against Francisco Camps

It is not enough, explains the car, the high cost of the Formula 1 circuit, which is foreseeable "despite Mr Camps' statements that the cost would be '0'.

La Audiencia de Valencia has filed the case on the construction of the urban circuit of Formula One in this city in which the former president of the Generalitat Valenciana Francisco Camps was being tried by the head of the Court of Instruction number 17 for embezzlement and prevarication.

The car of the Fifth Section of the Hearing, made public by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community estimates the appeal of filing of the Prosecutor's Office, having prescribed a presumed crime of prevarication and since it is not possible to concern a direct economic loss for the Generalitat, in the case of embezzlement.

The owner of Court 17 had opened proceedings abbreviated against Camps, his former vice-president Vicente Rambla and his formerconcern Mario Flores for considering that there were "sufficient, solid, reasonable and consistent" indications of the commission of the s crimes.

The anticorruption prosecutor requested the file and provisional dismissal of the case to not observe any crime or if applicable be prescribed and expose that "saying that it would not cost one euro - citizens building the circuit - is not crime ", but was denied and filed an appeal.

Now the Provincial Court considers the appeal against the order of May 23 of the court number 17, and decreta the provisional stay of proceedings and its file.

Sobre crime of prevarication, with respect to three contracts dated March 12, June 12 and September 28, 2007, the events would have associated a special disqualification penalty of 7 to 10 years, so, according to the Criminal Code, the term of prescription would be ten years.

So on September 28, 2007 is the day that begins to compute the term, according to the order, which explains that the proceedings were initiated on January 30, 2018, "only time" in which the proceedings are conducted effectively against their alleged perpetrators, so the day that ends the term, the September 27, 2017, "had already exceeded."

Therefore, this crime would only be prosecutable by virtue of the connection with the crime of misappropriation of public funds aggravated, and in this regard, the Chamber ensures that a procedure can not be admitted Without future.

After analyzing the attached documentation in the testimony of individuals, la Sala concludes that, not being able to verify "reliably" facts or circumstances that allow to assess the existence of a direct economic damage to the Generalitat , economically evaluable, derived from the adjudication of the analyzed files, according to the report of the Intervention of the Generalitat, "does not fit mitigate the continuation of a procedure to which no reasonable future can predict ".

No, explains the car, the high cost of the Formula 1 circuit, something foreseeable" despite Mr. Camps's statements that the cost would be '0' ", since in legal terms it is necessary, in order to outline an offense of embezzlement, to know even approximately the amount to which the public treasury was harmed.

Ante the conclusion of the Intervention of the Generalitat Valenciana , which recognized that "there is not enough technical criteria" to pronounce on aspects such as the budgets that were approved, the prices of contracts, technical or modified valuations, and without the possibility of further investigation for the absence of declaration of complexity - proceeds to decree the provisional dismissal of the case.

Contra the car, which declares the costs ex officio, can not file an appeal.

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