The 'Griezmann case', unchanged: Atleti does not negotiate with Barça

It's been three days since the French footballer had to go to the preseason rojiblanca, something that has not happened, nor expected.

The days go by and Griezmann is still not present for Los Angeles de San Rafael, where he is not expected either. Two days after Sunday, the day that Atlético had cited the Frenchman for his international players (Oblak, Lemar, Joao Félix) for the start of the preseason, nothing seems to have changed much in the 'Griezmann case'. Both parties remain in their thirteen.

The footballer accepts his right, published in the BOE, to have 30 days of vacation as a professional footballer. The Atleti does not negotiate for Griezmann nor accepts a payment in installments of its clause by Barça. And so the hours continue, the days. 28 since the Frenchman played his last game, France-Andorra.

Barcelona proposed a payment in installments of the 120 million clause, 120 no more for wanting to cut it. The Athletic one then refused to negotiate. The soccer player communicated his desire to leave and he will do it when the condition of the Athletic one is fulfilled: his clause. Integra. At the moment it does not arrive.

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