The Beautiful Girls are talisman for the yellow jersey

The three winners of this summit, La Planche des Belles Filles (which hosts its fourth stage final) have great rounds: Froome, Nibali and Aru.

EI classic port of the Vosgos had historically been the Ballon d'Alsace, the Balón de Alsacia, the first mountain that was climbed on Tour, back in 1905, but in recent times it has taken over La Planche des Belles Filles, which today it welcomes the goal for the fourth time in eight editions. In the three previous visits the same premise has been fulfilled: the cyclist who took the yellow jersey was also crowned in Elíseos Campos. A fact that increases its value by the fact that The Table of the Beautiful Girls has always been uploaded in the first half of the route. We go year to year:

7ª stage of 2012. Chris Froome, which debuted on the Tour at the service of Bradley Wiggins, responded to the attack of the champion of the previous year, Cadel Evans, and claimed the victory. It was his first stage in the French round, where he already has seven. Wiggins also resisted the Australian and he donned the leader's jersey, which he exhibited for 14 days until reaching París.

10ª stage of 2014. Vicenzo Nibali doubled: he won the stage and recovered the tunic he had already dressed for seven days, keep it for another 12 until the end. Alberto Contador had left that same day for a fall in the descent of Petit Ballon. Froome did not even take the start, because he had fired in the day of pavés.

5ª stage of 2017. Fabio Aru conquered the stage with an attack to 2.5 kilometers and Chris Froome, who entered third to 20 seconds, snatched the jersey to his partner Geraint Thomas. He was leader for seven days, but in Pirineos lost the pledge in favor of Aru himself, who only lasted two days of joy. Froome returned to the front of the general and did not give up the position anymore. In total, 15 stages of yellow.

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