The battery and the weight, challenges of the MotoE for the future

Aspar, owner of the Ángel Nieto team, analyzes for AS the new championship: "It's still green, but it has a great future ahead of it."

In addition to the categories of each grand prize in which the brothers Márquez and Dalla Porta triumphed, at Sachsenring saw the MotoE World Cup come to an end, the electric motorcycle championship with eight laps races planned this year in Germany , Austria, San Marino (two races) and Valencia (two). The one here was declared wet and reduced to seven, although it was finally five due to the appearance of the red flag. The energy of Savadori destroyed a defense of air after its fall, turning the motorcycle into a 260-kilogram projectile in its drag. The first conclusion is that the MotoE start with a good look, despite the strangeness of the absence of noise and its excess weight. That will improve over time, tal Aspar wants in his analysis for AS of a championship in the one that has enrolled with the OpenBank team Ángel Nieto, in which Nico Terol and María Herrera are active. First analysis: "Obviously, it is still very green and there is still a lot to be done, it is starting with great caution, because the championship does not want to expose itself to major failures, the category will take more strength little by little, more will be given of laps, will improve the performance of the batteries and lowering the weight of the bike, which is very high with 260 kilos.It takes time ".

inconvenient Factors: " One of the biggest drawbacks is, obviously, the durability of the batteries, and the other, the weight of the motorcycle, these two are the most important points to improve.The key to reducing weight is to lighten the batteries, but there is still much left for that.Let graphene batteries appear soon to replace lithium, which weigh up to 40% less, last longer and there is no risk of explosion with them, something that does exist with lithium, that will be a revolution ".

Exces ivo tire wear: "It is amazing how the rear tire was destroyed, which is because it is a very heavy bike, a hundred kilos more than MotoGP, and it was appreciated how many rubber chips were jumping on the fly. That destroys the tire, which is very soft for this weight and does not last more than eight or nine laps. According to Michelin, they are from MotoGP, and only the butt suffers, not the striker. "

Overall points: " The bike is doing better than expected in pure performance, top speed, power and time per lap . The record of MotoE (1: 27.456) has remained to 1.4 of the record of Moto3 (1: 26.044), which is not bad for a championship that has just been born ".

Piloting style: " There is a lot of equality in The bikes and there have been surprises, because almost no one had Tuuli and has achieved pole and victory. It's a motorcycle that has nothing to do with gasoline. The piloting is not braking and acceleration, although it has, but as it weighs as much bonus plus the step by curve as if it were a small motorcycle. You have to tilt a lot and give gas soon. The thinner pilots wear less batteries and I'm insisting that they make longer runs. "

La Energica and its components: " The bike is supplied by Dorna to the teams and then we have a spare price list, because In the event of a breakdown, the new parts are paid for by each piece of equipment and cost a piece of grain. The most expensive element is the battery, which is above 30,000 euros (38,000). The rims are from MotoGP, the suspensions are Öhlins and the Brembo brakes, so they carry good material. The fibers are normal instead of carbon ".

The destruction of the 'air fence': " In the fall of Savadori with which the air fence is broken, the bike weighs 100 kilos more than a MotoGP. The championship seeks that the electric motorcycle does not have an excessive top speed (228.5 in Germany). It's OK to have acceleration, but do not rush, because loopholes have to be much bigger. The inertia of a motorcycle from 260 kilos to 150 per hour is much greater than that of a MotoGP (157). "

The future: MotoE expects a great future ahead of them: 2019, 2020 and 2021 will remain with the regulation now, although with improvements, and the day that Dorna opens the championship to other brands there will be a great revolution ".

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