Squeezing a McLaren 600LT with Carlos Sainz in Woking

Test of one of the flagships of the British manufacturer and return with the Madrid to feel its 592 HP maximized in a light chassis.

The story ends in the afternoon with a "you're like a goat" that was answered: "That's a compliment for a racing driver." But he started in the morning crossing the iconic Woking pond to get to the McLaren Technology Center and say hello to the team leaders, with good news. After knowing first-hand the benefits of 600LT, one of the British manufacturer's flagships designed from the circuits to the road, had to move to the layout of the Dunsfold Aerodrome, the famous test track of the program 'Top Gear', for comply with the practice.

First a contact with an instructor followed by the test at the wheel, intense minutes to feel the 592 HP maximized thanks to a lighter chassis than the competition (1,247 kg). V8 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine, from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds and from 200 to 0 in only 117 meters thanks to relentless brakes. In depth, on the straights, it impresses. The address could not convey more confidence. One does not feel like a pilot. But no, one is not a pilot: after, back in the car but in the next seat because at the wheel is Carlos Sainz.

So yes, the McLaren flies on the straights, dances in the corners, miraculously passes through the sections narrower in this concrete asphalt surrounded by aircraft and brakes in time when nobody, from within, would bet for it. The machine and its pure features are properly squeezed by those who have the hands to do it. "The curve to the left is the one that scares the most, I do not know why", confesses. Perhaps the route, crossing without mercy and without lifting the foot of the accelerator a track width of several tens of meters, had something to do. The Spaniard has fun with the toy that Woking has lent him this morning in July prior to the British Grand Prix.

"The pilots are chosen, and even if we work every day we could get closer to their level of driving", recalls an important McLaren position in North America present at the event. They make it seem easy what is impossible, confuse fear. And the best way to check this is to sit a few minutes next to one that carries the speed in the genes.

McLaren 600LT

Structure: carbon

Suspension: double fork

Total weight: 1.247 kg

Motor: M838TE

Type: V8 biturbo 3,8L

Power: 592 CV

Par: 620Nm

V. Max: 328 km / h

0-100: 2,9s

200-0: 117 meters

Pneumatics: P-Zero Trophy R

Rights: 18 "(front) and 20" (rear)

Photos from as.com
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