Sorribes retires after having a 4-0 against Wozniacki

Sara Sorribes had to abandon her first-round match against Caroline Wozniacki because of lower back pain. It lost 5-4 after having advanced with a 4-0.

Sara Sorribes went from the dream of winning Caroline Wozniacki in the first round of Wimbledon to the nightmare of having to leave due to a lumbar discomfort that prevented her from knocking down the world number one and winner of the Australian Open in 2018.

La Castellon had advanced with a hopeful and surprising 4-0, but began to notice those problems in the back that impaired their ability and the Danish cameback to 5-4. Sorribes asked for medical time-out and was attended first on the track and then out of it. She returned, but visibly in pain, she was not able to move forward her turn and when she fell in the tenth game by 0-40 she said enough.

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