Ricky Rubio inherits the position assigned to Luka Doncic

The Spanish base arrives at the Phoenix Suns to share equipment with Deandre Ayton, who was chosen in the first position of the draft of 2018 ahead of Luka Doncic.

Ricky Rubio at Suns. It was one of the great mysteries for Spanish players and has been solved just beginning the transfer market. The Jazz did not want to make an effort to keep the Spanish and they got the services of Mike Conley, so the international had to look for new horizons ... and found them in Arizona.

In the beginning it seemed that the former of the Wolves was going to land at the Pacers, but in the end the tables have changed and ended up landing on another team. In Indiana did not manage to retain Bogdanovic, and it seems that they have preferred to lean on the services of Malcolm Brogdon before the Spanish.

In Phoenix, Ricky will live his third major adventure in the NBA after going through the Timberwolves and the Jazz. In the Suns, the base will share equipment with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton. E The latter was precisely chosen in the first place of the 2018 draft, ahead of Marvin Bagley III ... and Luka Doncic. Curiosities of the destination, the playmaker will end up in the franchise that rejected the Slovenian to choose a center when he most needed a shipowner. A questioned decision, especially when the recent Rookie of the Year scored 30 points to the Arizona last January for only 6 Ayton, something that was much commented at the time.

The NBA is full of similar cases and bad decisions that marked the future of many franchises. What is clear is that Ricky is going to play in the Suns, the team destined for Doncic. In addition, it seems unlikely that the Spaniard would have reached the team in case the Slovenian was in it.

What will Ricky find in the Suns

In his new team, the Spaniard will find a young squad where he can fit very well. He has won a 3-year contract for 51 million and, at 28, he can continue to reach maturity as a player at the same time as Ayton and Booker. It's a good team for Ricky's style. The guard is a great scorer and throws very well of three, while the pivot can be more effective than Gobert in the pick and roll and can score many points thanks to the assists of his new teammate. And he will remain a starter, something he has maintained in the 8 seasons he has been in the North American League.

What seems unlikely is that the Suns are going to play the playoffs. They are still a team under construction with missing parts to become an applicant. No step on the final stage since 2010, when Nash and company fell in the conference finals against the Lakers of Kobe and Pau. It was the last time the Canadian was near the ring. Since then, nothing for him or for his team, which has not hit the key in all these years.

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