Rebic's trainer: "I might look for new goals"

The Croatian has been linked to Atlético. Adi Hütter, coach of Eintracht, said that "the player may want to take a new step".

Ante Rebic could have hours counted in the Frankfurt Eintracht. The 25-year-old Croatian player enjoys a great poster after his fantastic Russian World Cup, combined with a very good season in the German team, where he scored 10 goals in 38 matches would have aroused the interest of Atlético, which according to Sky Austria is very close to take the player.

Your own coach, Adi Hütter, has triggered rumors about the possible departure of Rebic in statements collected by Sky. "In the case of Ante, despite the runner-up in the World Cup he stayed with us for another year, so it is possible that now Rebic is looking for a new challenge and wants to take the next step in his career" .

The price of the transfer of Rebic could cifrarse about 40 million, its market value for Transfermarkt. In order for Atlético to tackle the signing of a new attack player , in addition to Joao Félix, he would have to discard some piece, where Vitolo, Kalinic and even Correa would be on the starting track.

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