Rafa Nadal and Bautista team up with a very slow grass

The Spaniards are looking for the semifinals against Querrey (16:00, #Vamos) and Pella (12:00) in full debate on the courts. In the quarter there is only one gunboat.

The Wimbledon men's final squads are in a debate today about the state of the grass, which for many players makes the All England tracks are slower than ever. Rafa Nadal, which is measured at 16 o'clock: 00 to the American Sam Querrey on the track 1, and Roberto Bautista, who will be seen before, at 2:00 PM and in the same place, with the Argentinian Guido Pella, are two of the great beneficiaries of the conditions of a surface has been losing speed over the years, as many professionals point out. However, the two Spaniards who remain in competition differ in assessing the reasons for the slowness of the game in grass.

Nadal, in fact, thinks that nothing has changed in all the years he has been competing: "I do not think the clues are slower now than in 2003, when I played on grass for the first time, in my personal sensation, my opinion ... What slows down the game a bit are the balls ". His coach, Francis Roig, seconded the Balearic:" I think that All the life the ball has traveled much slower in grass than in dirt or cement, because it weighs a lot.The interpretation of the boat and how you run is very important ". Bautista has it clear: "It's been sunbathing almost every day and that has made the grass slower, it benefits me, it plays well, with good boats, and it can be rallied." The fact is that, except for Querrey, all the great punches have been falling because their services have not been very effective because of that higher pot alluded to by Castellón. Raonic, one of the best gunboats and finalist in Wimbledon 2016, lost in the eighth against Pella, a ground specialist. "Gradually there has been a decline in the speed of the tracks, the grass is taller and softer, and that obviously makes it slower, I do not know if it's done deliberately, but the game here has changed significantly."

Roger Federer, in theory handicapped by this trend for his quick style, he complained after easily defeating Berrettini on Monday: "If you are taking 140 (225 km / h), you should have a little more reward. there is a problem with the speed of the balls or the tracks. " After his debut in the first round, the Swiss, who today faces Nishikori in the center (16:00), said that the game had seemed" slower than ever. " The legendary Matts Wilander, now an analyst, believes however that Federer is good at the slowdown: "His setbacks are now very difficult to lift". But the fact is that Basel needs its service to work and until now has only placed 30 aces, seven less than Nadal.

Djokovic has not yet ruled on and is also measured in the main stadium with Goffin (14: 00), one of those who are happy with the conditions of the green surface. For the American Kudla, already eliminated, "it is the subtractors and those who have mobility who win at Wimbledon". If so, the big favorite should be the Serbian.

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