Odegaard already dazzles

The Norwegian gives a recital in the triumph (0-5) of the first friendly of the Real preseason against Lagun Onak. They marked Isak and Portu.

Martin Odegaard is already dazzling in Real Sociedad. The Norwegian player on loan from Real Madrid has had 45 minutes of the first friendly of the realistic preseason to give his first recital of dribbling, passes between lines and assists, as the 0-2 Adnan Januzaj. Before the Belgian, who also uncovered the jar of the essence after a vacation in which he has not stopped talking about his possible departure, to serve on a plate the first goal of the preseason to Aihen Muñoz, unexpected scorer in Azpeitia But it is that before Odegaard had already done his thing with a wonderful goal pass to Isak that the Swede did not want to forgive, because it would have been a sacrilege. But the pennant linier was implacable, and deprived both signings of the glory to the first change. What could not is to overshadow is the Norwegian's first great game, which helped to track the comfortable win of the Real in Azpeitia (0-5) against Lagun Onak, a first minor rival to the Third division and take just two days training, but he insisted on being a good sparring for the realists.

The Norwegian player was seen participating, asking the ball all the time, showing and wanting to demonstrate, associating with his peers, as if he wanted to recover the lost time in our country. Along with Januzaj and Alexander Isak was the one who wanted to stir the game. Odegaard showed everyone that his growth in the Netherlands the last two years is not a coincidence and that he has become more and better soccer player. The Azpeitia will always be remembered as a good business card. Although it was not the only one. Because despite the Norwegian sign for what comes from Madrid, can not eclipse that the rest of signings this summer also shone with their own light. Each in their own way. Remiro barely had a job, but he was safe and calm, and it did not seem easy either because he had not been under a club for a long time during a game. And Alexander Isak did not stop looking for the goal that allows him to have good feelings in Donostia from the beginning until he found it with the 0-3 at half an hour of play.

Ya in the second part debuted the two reinforcements that were missing: Sagnan and Portu. The Frenchman proves to be a very willful player, which is worth a broken and unstitched, but evidence that he still lacks a point of maturity that Imanol Alguacil will have to work in Zubieta. There is wood, but it is still somewhat green. The same can not be said about Portu. The Murcian is more than mature, is ready to be tasted by the txuri-urdin hobby. He will not be the most technical player in the squad, but as he showed in Azpeitia he does not give a lost ball, he fights everything and prints an intensity that was missing in this Real. This marked his first goal, the 0-4, and so he was about to make the fifth of the game in a remarkable individual action that only a paradón of the goalkeeper of the Azpeitiarra team prevented it from being a goal. He carried the '7' on his back, and although it is soon to know if it will be his final number, can be a worthy heir of another illustrious today very current that looked that number in the Real, Antoine Griezmann. Another significant dorsal was played by Willian José, who carried the 9 on the shirt, that number of goalscorer that LaLiga denied him last season when Agirretxe announced his retirement. He already said that his dream was to wear it this year, and to see him in Azpeitia with that number can be a declaration of intentions: the Brazilian remains. And encima closed the scoring, a penalty, rounding off a first afternoon more than positive of the Real de Alguacil. He still has a lot to polish, but good is what ends well. And speaking of finishing, we do it with the absence of the afternoon: Gero Rulli. Another significant detail. Debiro de Remiro, desconvocatoria of the Argentine. Is the image of change in the realistic goal? Will it have something to do with Porto? Or is it just that Sheriff had to manage the four doormen with whom he works? Because Moya did not play either and in the second part he did the youth squad Zubiaurre. Only time will solve these doubts. And it seems that it will not take long either.

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