Núñez: "Physical and mental work has helped me with the Sub 21"

"I will come with the batteries charged to Athletic to play to the fullest and give everything", the central launches after his title with the Sub 21. He joined the 21st stage of Germany with Unai Simón.

Unai Núñez continues in a cloud, savoring the honeys of success after winning the continental title Sub 21 after knocking out Germany in the grand final: "Yes, the truth is that we had an excellent group and we finished in the best possible way with work and Illusion the Cup we take it home, I do not believe it yet, it is my first title and European champion is not anyone ", slides central portugalujo.

Tras a difficult year in Athletic, in the shadow of Yeray and Iñigo Martínez, Núñez has claimed responsibility in Italy: "It has not been a complicated year, and giving it back as it were, the season can not end better than with a title". In this sense, he adds that "all the work I did to the fullest, the minutes that I have not had in the team have served in the National Team, and the physical and mental work have served to end the season," he commented in the SER of Bilbao .

Wait that Gaizka Garitano take good account: "I always work to the fullest, the goal is to play as much as possible, I will now disconnect on vacation and return with the batteries charged to give everything" . The main body of the squad starts on Thursday and Simón and Núñez will travel to the German stage on the 21st. "They are three weeks, not too little or too much, the perfect thing to enjoy the couple, friends and family", describes the central

De la Fuente has ended up giving up with Unai Núñez: "I knew many players of the European Under 19 who were champions and other incorporations like mine, it has given me confidence and we have shown it in the field. " On his partner Unai Simón is very clear, although he was relegated by Antonio Sivera after the defeat against Italy: "Unai Simón is a goalkeeper bomb, it is going to be one of the best in Spain and the world. It is that has touched him, in Liga like me and now, I was lucky to enter, I was fine and the coach kept trusting me ", says the defender.

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