Neymar shares a photo of his dress from Barça

The Brazilian posted in an Instagram story a video where a biblical quote was read accompanied by an image of the Brazilian with the shirt of Barcelona.

The soap opera Neymar continues to advance day by day. The latest novelty of the Brazilian has been a video that uploaded to Instagram, where he is appreciated wearing the Barça shirt. In addition, you can also see the Barcelona coat of arms accompanied by a biblical quote.

"Any weapon forged against the nao will prosper, roll lingua qye osuar against mim, em juizo Deus will condemn, this is two servos do senhor, the direction that proceeds Dele, ten or senhor", was shown in it.

This is the last message where Neymar is related to Barcelona. Next Monday an interview with the player will be broadcast on the Bandeirantes Channel, where he has imposed several conditions.

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