Neymar, closer to Madrid, according to bookmakers

In the last hour there has been an avalanche of Betfair bets favorable to Neymar ending at Real Madrid.

In the last hour there has been an avalanche of bets in Betfair favorable to that Neymar ends up in Real Madrid. So much so that he has gone from paying € 15 per euro bet his arrival to the targets, to be paid only 5 € per euro bet in a span of just 60 minutes.

Now the users of Betfair believe that Real Madrid really is an alternative to FC Barcelona, a club that still appears as the most likely destination of Neymar according to bettors.

the culé set before August 9 is paid at € 2 per euro wagered against € 2.40 per euro wagered to be paid for its continuity in PSG.

These are the possible destinations of Neymar according to the bets of Betfair:

1. - FC Barcelona - Fee 2.0

2.- Neither sign, nor agree to sign for another club - 2.40

3.- Real Madrid - 5.0

4.- Manchester United - 51.0

5.- Manchester City - 67.04 444444

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