New times in F1, although ...

"Everything and everyone has their time, it's still Hamilton's, a little less Vettel's and Verstappen-Leclerc is appearing."

It was not easy to arrive every day from Graz to Spielberg, the alpine town where the Red Bull Ring circuit is located. 80 kilometers and many bottlenecks in the return of Formula 1 to Austria that already distant 2014 in which Felipe Massa won the pole for Williams and Nico Rosberg another victory in that fight with Lewis Hamilton in which only two years later would sound the flute . That year Fernando Alonso was the only Spanish driver and achieved a meritorious fifth with his penultimate Ferrari. None of the three are already on the tracks of the Formula 1 circuits. They are not the only ones. These days, the brilliant special envoy to the grand prizes, Jesús Balseiro, told me about the spectacular of the route and its surroundings with passion that give the beginnings and the talent. Everything and everyone has their time.

Also remains that of Hamilton, who is on his way to his sixth world title, a little less than Vettel, who perhaps walks towards the sunset but from the soft couch of his four world titles, and is appearing the one of a terribly beautiful rivalry: Verstappen-Leclerc. The Red Bull won again in the circuit of his company after two third, five quarters and a fifth this year and with differences in the last two races of 57 and 34 seconds respectively. And he did it as usual, aggressive and talented against the always elegant Leclerc, and the limit of the regulation. Behind, very well Norris, sixth, and tremendous Sainz in his comeback from 19th to 8th. New times come in Formula 1, although ...

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