New facilities are planned in the Wanda Metropolitano

The Consistory plans to install a mini stadium for 6,500 spectators, four other football fields for younger ages, an athletic stadium, tennis courts ...

The Madrid City Council is processing a new urban plan for the Wanda Metropolitano stadium environment to house new sports facilitiess, after in July last year the Superior Court of Justice annulled the plan that was in effect.

In this new project, in the special management area of the Olympic Park-west sector and the La Peineta stadium, the Consistory plans to install a "mini stadium" with a capacity for 6,500 spectators and to host Second Division events, in addition to four other soccer fields for lower ages, a stadium for athletics and tennis, basketball, volleyball and paddle courts. 2

All these sports facilities would surround the Wanda Metropolitano state and the current aquatic center - half done and unused - and would be established as a park, with 3,550 parking spaces in total and pedestrian paths, according to f It appears in the file. 444444

The project, which involves a partial modification of the general urban planning plan, was initially approved on May 16 and was published on July 4 in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid, which A period of allegations began that ends on August 5, 222222

The Government of José Luis Martínez-Almeida continues like this, as confirmed by Efe municipal sources, with the processing initiated by former Mayor Manuela Carmena. The cost of building the new fields amounts to 20 million euros, according to the urban file.

Atlético de Madrid obtained the plot where the Wanda is located in exchange for 60 million euros, which will be paid by urbanizing this plot - 29.8 million - and another 30 that are paid in cash in three installments with the corresponding interest

4 Position against

However, this urban plan does not convince the Regional Federation of Neighborhood Associations (FRAVM), which has submitted allegations on understanding which continues to put private interest before the general and asks that the compensatory measures be increased by the City Council of Madrid.


According to Efe, the FRAVM considers that the project maintains the imbalance of an "asymmetric agreement" where the stadium is already "an accomplished fact" and where in his opinion the rojiblanco team has done a business "tremendously lucr ativo "and only the residents of the new stadium, those of the San Blas-Canillejas district, have lost.

Before the neighborhood, FRAVM denounces," he could enjoy the facilities of La Peineta and now he must withstand the enormous inconvenience generated by the matches football and other events ".

Therefore, they propose modifications such as parking reservations for residents on the days that there is an event in the stadium or extend Metro line 2 to Metropolitan, which is currently line 7, in addition to new noise studies. 444444

11111 FRAVM also defends that the intention of Atlético de Madrid is to obtain the surface right over part of the land to establish in them its sports city and censorship that does not allude to it in the project documentation. 222222

Therefore, they ask that the City Council manage at least 200,000 square meters of sports ground and the remodeling of the aquatic center to house depor uses tivos and endowments and that the offer between different disciplines is "well sized and balanced" .

On May 14, during a visit of the then mayor Manuela Carmena to Wanda the CEO of Atlético de Madrid, Miguel Angel Gil Marín expressed his I wish that in the future the stadium environment would be a sports center with up to 11 football fields, from which not only athletics but all of Madrid benefit.


The plan now processed by the Consistory, which must be approved in the Municipal plenary, seeks to replace the annulled by the TSJM in July 2018 following a Smoke Signals resource, although the ruling is appealed.


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