Mejuto González will be the new delegate of Getafe

The former international referee signed for the azulones for his great experience and prestige. Sergio Mora will pass to the technical staff of Bordalás.

A lack of official confirmation to be made shortly, Mejuto González is the new delegate of Getafe. Ángel Torres maintains a good relationship with the ex-Asturian referee and has long since told him about this possibility. With the European classification of the blues the club increased its interest in a former referee , of enormous national and international prestige, to assume that function. The signing is already a fact.

El Asturian is one of the best referees in the history of our football. International, pito in two Euro Cups and perhaps the most remembered final of the Champions League in which Liverpool traced a 0-3 and won on penalties to Milan. His good relations with all strata of football, his national and international prestige, especially with a view to Europe, have been decisive, beyond his knowledge in the position, for which Sergio Mora has made him last cicerone.

The other news, much to the liking of fans azulones is the incorporation of Mora, so far delegated by the team, the technical body of Bordalás. The Madrid is the only footballer who has played in Second B, Second and First Division with the shirt of Getafe . After one year as a delegate, he becomes assistant to Bordalás, his great defender.

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