McLaren has been working in 2020 for a long time

The MCL35 has already accumulated several weeks of development at the Woking factory, a task that began much earlier than last season.

More downforce. And efficient. These are the two demands that Andreas Seild has made to the engineers of Woking to cut in the World Cup of Formula 1 2020 the disadvantage of a se second per round that currently separates McLaren from Ferrari and Mercedes.

One tasks that already They have started in the southeast of Great Britain. And for a long time. Seild confirms that right now they are in the process of planning when to stop the development of the MCL34 and focus entirely on the next season.

"We have been working on the car for a long time in 2020. The change was completed much earlier than last year.We are now in the process of planning when to completely stop the evolution of the current car and transfer all resources to the new car so that we can take the next step in 2020. " says the engineer of Passau.

Así, the director of McLaren praises in 'Auto Motor und Sport' the progress that Renault has given this year with its power unit, allowing the performance of the propeller stop being a headache for the British: "It's good to know that Renault continues to invest in their equipment." That's why we do not have a big headache in this regard. El bue n development during the past winter has been very encouraging. And the latest updates have always brought the promised progress ".

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