Márquez: "Maverick will make it harder for me than Quartararo"

"The difference here is clearer than in Assen, and we'll see what the temperature is, I've been told that it might rain tonight and if so, the grip may change," he says.

Diez consecutive poles already accumulates Marc Márquez in the GP of Germany and tomorrow will look for the same sequence in the chapter of victories. The one of this year has obtained it with record and in front of Quartararo and Maverick.

-Diez poles followed before the tenth consecutive victory?

- (Smiles). No. It is clear that it is the tenth consecutive pole, but for me it is another pole. I am very focused this weekend and it is not a consecutive pole, it is another pole as tomorrow is another race, where we have options to increase the advantage in the championship as I said on Thursday. In addition, here it seems that the Ducati are suffering a little more, but there are two Yamaha that will certainly make it very difficult, especially Maverick more than Quartararo, because here the difference is clearer than in Assen. And we will see what temperature there is. I have been told that it might rain tonight and if so, the grip may change. It will be crucial as always the choice of rear tire.

-The FP4 has been spectacular as far as rhythm is concerned, right?

-Yes. You go dizzy in quotes, trying things, testing tires and in that training we tried the intermediate tire, but above all you put the best you've found on the bike to take a step and try to understand where you are. I have marked the difference a bit more, but in the race everything changes, the temperature changes, the character of the bike changes and that is where everything depends, especially on the tires you choose. There are two different bikes and two different races. In the first fifteen laps, the bike behaves in a way. And in the last fifteen, another completely different.

-Is it your strongest weekend of the whole year?

-No, in Argentina I felt stronger. There was more difference.

-How much do you think the outlook will change in the second part of the race if it is dry?

-It will change. Well, it depends on how the tire goes down.

-Do you get a lot lower or do you manage it?

-The problem we have is that each tire we have come out of, whatever the compound, goes down in a way or another. It is not constant and depends a lot on how piles, what temperature is on track. For example, this afternoon with more heat on the track, tires were less degraded and, if it is cold in the morning, they may degrade more. That is where we have to understand what is happening and take the best choice for us, forgetting what others do.

-What happened in that exit behind Maverick? From the outside it has been fun to see them stuck in the pit lane.

-I was standing in the box and I was looking, above all, the partials to see the balls, a window, a clean place on the track. Maverick was passing by goal and there was a big gap between him and Rins, but he did not expect Maverick to enter the box. When I saw it coming in, I was first and it had zero sense to throw myself in front. I have waited, there was patience and time ahead and then I also played my cards. I had already done the time, I could improve it and I improved it, but I did not have to throw in front.

-Is trying to get away can cause a greater wear of the tire or make a difference and then be able to maintain it?

-Depends, but here is a clue that going forward or behind is not that you spend more or less, but it is a clue that the slipstream is not noticeable. Maybe only at turn ten and eleven, but the other is not noticeable because it is a slow track and the tire wear is practically the same if you go ahead or behind. Depends on how the track is, how is the temperature you can choose to make a race strategy or another.

-Have you done any test with the new chassis?

-Yes, in the FP3 we have tested and in the qualification, the second exit has been with the new chassis. There is potential, it is seen in the times. This morning the fast lap has been with the new chassis, but sometimes it is worth more that 'better known bad than good to know'.

-Did you speak for tomorrow?

-The chassis simply has strengths, but There are some points where I do not feel safe and for that reason tomorrow we return to the chassis with which I have made the FP4. It's the usual chassis because I know it more. It is not that I am stronger or less, it is that I know more.

-Have you seen the superpole of MotoE?

-Yes. I do not like the format of the superpole. Do not hit the TV, because you can not follow the return of one driver and then another, I was not hooked, I was bored with the format. The look of the bikes if you see them on TV seems to have an engine, and this has surprised me, becausethe superpole we had not seen in action and the truth is that they skid weird. That surprised me. On the one hand, the format of the superpole I did not like and it is something that happened to me in Superbike when I was some time ago, but on the other hand I was very surprised by the character of the bike and how it looked on the track.

- Have you been surprised by the two Ducati so delayed?

-Dovizioso comes out thirteen. There Nakagami has thrown us a cable (smiles in reference to the Japanese who has taken him out of Q2 in Q1) and Petrucci do not know how it comes out. Have you been injured a bit? Welcome the problem for us ...

-What about your brother's pole?

-The brother has behaved. (Laughter) .

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