Márquez: "I wanted to lead from start to finish"

"I do not know how to get ten consecutive victories on the same circuit, but one of the keys is not to think about what you've achieved before," says Marc.

Happy analysis of Marc Márquez of the German MotoGP race, which was the fifth victory of the year for him and the tenth consecutive in this circuit. In addition, she has been accompanied on this occasion by her brother Alex in Moto2, which makes her even happier.

-Is Kaiser of Germany. How do you manage to win ten times in a row and also from the pole?

-I do not know, I do not know, but I think one of the keys is not to think about everything you've achieved, but it is a new year in which we did not know what was going to happen. I arrived with that feeling that it is a circuit that suits you well and helps start the weekend well and, above all, that the whole team is in the same dynamic and direction as you. That helps a lot.

-Has the strategy gone as it was proposed?

-Yes, at least my intention was to try to lead from start to finish. I did not know if it could be or not, but already in the exit it was seen that in the first corner I took a risk and I wanted to do it, because I wanted to be ahead from the beginning. Then I wanted to do two slow laps to warm up the tires, especially the hard front, to test the grip of the track, and from that moment start to tighten. And so I have done it. From one lap to the next, I have dropped almost a second of rhythm and that's when I started to break the race, first, and then to manage it. I expected that Maverick and Rins, who had the hard tire behind, were much closer at the beginning, since they had much better grip, but it has not been like that and welcome to us.

-Has the change of conditions to you and the Honda, with a colder track, as Crutchlow was not expected to be in front of us?

-Both with heat yesterday afternoon and today I felt good. This I think has been the key point and what I do believe is that one lap maybe you do not see much difference, but Cal also during the weekend has had a good pace. And in this circuit the pace is vital, because the race lasts thirty laps. Rhythm is important and having a driver ahead does not help. I am aware, and I said it, that in Yamaha Yamaha was the winning motorcycle and here that the Honda was the winning motorcycle, but that's what it is, to have the commitment that in all circuits.

-58 points in front of the general What does that data tell you?

-They tell me that tranquility, especially. I said it when I had an advantage race and I say it now that I have a little more than two: tranquility. The dynamics are the same. I do not care if I'm twelve points like before Montmeló or if I'm 58 since my intensity is the same and I know that many races come in a row. You have to go through everything, but for now we're going to take advantage of it.

-Did you know that Maverick was there at the beginning and that he tried to overtake him a couple of times?

-Yes, the first time was on the left and he knew that It was a Yamaha, but I did not know if it was Quartararo or Viñales. I saw that it was him and I stopped later, because I wanted to be a leader. Then I saw that it was on the right and I thought: 'on the right, not on the outside'. There I braked normal. It was the only point of the circuit where we lost and the only point of the fast circuit as in Assen, and that is one of the points where we have to improve.

-Álex is also a leader in Moto2. How do they do it and how do they share it?

-I always say it, today I'm happier for my brother than for me. Today Sunday, especially after Holland, logically it came a little bit of a slump for a race in which he could take advantage, while in Germany he played losing points. That's when you tell him to reflect and why lose points. He says: 'Well, because every year I've done badly'. And I said to him: 'this year you are different, this year you are capable of everything'. Although Friday did not start quite right, he had the ability to react and Alex, when he is convinced of everything, is capable of everything. So he contented for him and because he has returned to the leadership of the championship, which is important and he is showing himself as the most solid in these Moto2 races. Now it is necessary that in the second part of the season continue with the same dynamics.

-Don't you be surprised?

-My brother has the facility that even if he does poorly he is able to turn fast and I'm pretty much the same . Yes it is true that I go around a day or two, but I turn the page and I'm just as happy. When there is this atmosphere, with the two leaders, the two fighting for the championship, the two with the same intensity, this helps and we both leave on vacation having won both the last race, which alsoWell, help. Every year I left very happy and he was worse ..., but this year we are both happy.

-The Ducati seems to be diluted. Who are you running against?

-The Ducati is going to go fast again. Yes, these two circuits have historically suffered. I think those who will score more points in the second half of the season will be me, they, the two Yamaha and Rins, that if it were not because it fails also would make many points. I think the two Yamaha will be the two rivals, not the most direct for the championship, because those are the Ducati to be closer, but those who are more dangerous when they block everything.

-Has commented that has the monkey current leather untouched ...

-Yes it is worn, because this leather monkey took it from France, after falling in water and since then I have not done it in a GP. I did it in the test, but with another monkey. For me it is a record to take four weekends without falling: Italy, Catalonia, Holland and Germany. Yes there have been saved, here as three or four yes there have been.

-Will you continue to use?

-Yes, yes, it's three wins and two second places, so it stays.

-Going back to his brother, do not you think he is for MotoGP?

-The results are seen. The fastest driver of Moto2 right now is him. The most consistent driver and the driver who draws the best, and that is the most important thing. Quartararo did not win much in Moto2, but he was the driver who made the best track last year and then passed to MotoGP. It's not because he's my brother, but he's showing it in these races. He is the driver who draws the best and who is showing more constant, but logically, as I said last year, if you make results there will be MotoGP teams that are interested in you.

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