Marcelino: "We will try to repeat the successes of last year"

The Valencian coach attended the 25th edition of the Peñas Convention where he thanked the fans for their support throughout the past year.

The coach of Valencia, Marcelino García Toral, who attended the food of the clubs accompanied by Anil Murthy, Kevin Gameiro, Jaume Domenech and Geoffrey Kondogbia, took advantage of the annual convention of clubs, held this year in Alzira, to thank the fans last year's support "even in bad times" and assured that they will do everything possible to repeat successes: " what we did last year was very complicated but we will fight with all our effort to make you happy again" .

By another part, Jaume Domenech was the soccer player who took the floor. The keeper was delighted with the season that starts next August, a campaign in which they will try to "the Valencia follow the highest ." Despite the aforementioned, Almenara asked those present to be next of the team when the bad times come: "we are going to need you all year round because we all show that Valencia can be at the top" .

Finally President Anil Murthy was proud of the more than a thousand presents that had in the act and how the clubs are growing both in Valencia and outside Spain: "one of our goals is to get the Valencian roots cuaje, not only in the Valencian Community but in Spain and abroad. We will have fifteen more clubs abroad and that is the line we want to follow. "In addition, the president took advantage of the event to confirm that there will be no New highs to become a subscriber due to the success of the renewal campaign.

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