Madrid in Montreal: Modric returns, played Brahim

On the day after Zidane's unexpected return to Europe, Bettoni organized a physical circuit without a ball. Modric is already recovered from a blow, but the fall was Brahim ...

With Real Madrid still recovering normal after the busy day on Friday in which Zidane left the concentration of Montreal for personal reasons, the team had a session of weights and medical balls outdoors. No ball to play, pure physical. A circuit designed by Javi Mallo, one of the coaches of the club, who was joined by Modric after a couple of days hobbled by a blow to the right foot. The Croatian exercised with the rest and no apparent signs of pain. In return, Brahim was the cross currency because he could not start the session and went inside the facilities with one of the Madridistas doctors. For now, the extent of his discomfort is being assessed.

It was a sunny morning in which Bettoni, the second coach and now in charge of the group until Zizou returns, just watched from the band. Trainers were the lead vocals. El Madrid saw its work schedule altered by the electrical storm of Thursday, which forced the team to suspend two workouts, so they are recovering that lost ground.

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