Leganés opens the way for preseason in Africa

The pickles, happy after their week in Tangier: "The weather is cooler than you might think. It helps that there is no time change and it is not as far away as America or Asia."

Summer football is synonymous with luggage at the stadium gate. First teams (also many of Second) take advantage of the summer preparation to move beyond their cities and make short stays in which to group the group away from the heat of the bull's skin. Europe is a recurring destination. Even North America and Asia. The Leganés, however, has broken molds this year with a pre-season week in Tangier, Morocco, North Africa. to work. The climate, they count from the heart of the cucumber squad, is much more benevolent than one might think, which has favored seven historical work days: it is the first time that Leganés, in its 91 years of history, prepares the season that is about to arrive outside of Spain. 444444 Cooler than in Madrid the season to see, to experience what it was like to be in Tangier, "says Xavi Tamarit, one of Pellegrino's assistants. He and Txema Indias, sports director of the Leganés, traveled in person to see if the conditions of the North African city were favorable.

"The decision was very good because the weather, as we were told, is much better than that people think, always breezes, in the morning, cloudy, very cool and even at night to put on a jacket, there have been no complaints about that, in Madrid we are training at 8:45 for the heat. it is necessary to get up early, "he says satisfied. 444444

Rubén Pérez, one of the captains, supports him in his opinion. "It is true that in Madrid it is also very hot, but well, being here in Africa we had the doubt if the temperatures were going to be high. It is true that every day it is windy, and that perhaps makes the heat more pleasant ", comments supporting the reflection of Tamarit. 444444 Without drastic time changes

Relevant factor, the climate, which joins others to make Tangier a potential future destination. "It can be an attractive destination, closer than America and Asia. There is no time change [only one hour less], which is important, and the weather conditions are very good. The organization has worried that everything would be fantastic. We are very happy with this preseason, "insists Tamarit. 444444

" Since Leganés is in the First Division, I am in the club and this is the first experience like this. In the face of the group, it is good. It is a week. long, but yes, especially for the new ones it is good, so that they adapt as well as possible and in general I think it is a good experience, "says Rubén Pérez when referring to the benefits of spending time outside of Spain.

Compete as in Liga

Arguments to which Tamarit adds the possibility of reproducing with the greatest possible fidelity the conditions of competition that, in Spain, in summer, are almost impossible to replicate.

"Sometimes in Spain not you manage to find friendlies against teams First or Second because many are out. We also think it is important to play in stadiums with people. Let the matches resemble the competition. Because those games [in Spain] always have to be in sports cities, in small stadiums ... ", says Tamarit.

" That is why we will play this week against Amiens, in France, with a stadium full of people, in their game of presentation and with an environment similar to that we will already find in the League ", concludes the technical assistant of Leganés. 444444

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