Legacy, history, rings ... Anthony Davis and the beginning of the new era of the Lakers

The 'no' of Kawhi and the age of LeBron leave Anthony Davis as the present and the future of the franchise; a new era begins in Los Angeles.

A new era begins in Los Angeles. That was the feeling that people had yesterday. Anthony Davis was officially introduced as a new member of the staff and becomes part of a historical franchise in which he will forge his legacy. It will be a new adventure for the former Pelicans, who will have his great opportunity in what will be his eighth season in the NBA.

The 'no' of Kawhi, coveted until the last moment, and the age of LeBron, who will turn 35 years on December 30, leave Davis as headliner. He arrives in Hollywood at the age of 26 and at the maturity of his career and although he will have to share chevrons and sign with James, he will be the face of the future of the franchise. The man on whom the franchise will be built in the coming years. It's not just 2019/20. It's all that comes after .

It will not be any adventure. The power forward will have a great responsibility on their shoulders. You must take the legacy of a legendary ensemble that in recent times has seen its present collides with its spectacular past. Not in vain we are talking about the second most successful team of the competition with 16 gimped (after the Cetics) which in turn lives one of the biggest crisis in its history.

The Lakers have not won a ring since 2010, when they beat the Celtics in the seventh game of the Finals lived in the Staples. After that, they made it to the playoffs in the next three seasons. And then nothing. Almost a decade without ring and 6 consecutive seasons without playoffs, something never seen before in the iconic city.

The tables seemed to change last year with the signing of LeBron, but the forward was injured during an important part of the season and the core young team, very psychologically depleted by (precisely) the 'Anthony Davis case' was not able to manage the situation. What did not get Magic if Pelinka did it and today those players are in New Orleans and the star in Los Angeles .

It was the goal of the team since Kobe retired in 2016. Find a new face for the franchise, a new hero to chant and a new star around which the future can be built. And they have found it. LeBron arrived in a slightly different situation. After dominating the East during the last decade he sought to establish himself in Hollywood, but his age (we insist) did not allow us to dream of a future project. It was an all or nothing. Win with him a championship (at least), before he retired.

This was also what the power forward wanted. Tired of being in a losing team and not being able to qualify for the ring, he requested the transfer last January and ended up calling in the franchise that he wanted to get to from the beginning. The situation was not comfortable in New Orleans, but the player, called to mark an era in the League, could not be in the front line of the competition for the constant impossibility of opting for the ring.

Now the tables have changed. James seems willing to take a step back and has already given the '23' to Davis, a gesture of goodwill that can be interpreted as a transfer of powers. It is clear that LeBron is still one of the best players in the league, but the intention of giving prominence to his new partner shows us that the man in the franchise is the former Pelicans.

Also Davis is having a good adaptation, and renounced to 4 million that corresponded to him of his transfer so that the Lakers could increase his salary space and be able to choose another star, preferably Leonard. This situation has not occurred, but the board, with Pelinka at the helm, is making good money to make a balanced roster and with good players.

The shadow of Kobe, LeBron, the legacy and rings

The weight on Davis' shoulders will be hard, and one of the things he will have to fight against will be the shadow of the aforementioned Kobe Bryant. The guard went all over the League, retired as one of the best players in history and gave 5 championships to the Lakers. That was, above all, his legacy.

Davis has the responsibility of putting the franchise back on the front line of the NBA, something they have seen very far in recent years. And above all, he will have the responsibility of winning rings again, something that he could not even approach in New Orleans. Every great player wants to transcend, find his place in the best league in the world, and rings are necessary for that.

The next season will be key. Mainly, because the player only has a one-year contract. This is a relative danger for the Lakers. LaThe power forward's intention is to sign a maximum with the Angelina franchise at the end of the campaign, but we have already seen that things in the NBA can change a lot from one year to the next. But that they say it to Kawhi.

Although everything indicates that the stay of the star in Hollywood will be long-term, it is clear that in the franchise nobody can be neglected. LeBron has already (relatively) hit more players in the past. Its shadow is very long, although at the moment they have started well and it seems that there is good harmony between both stars. If this continues and the team reaches (finally) the playoffs and manages to overcome some round and end with good feelings all indicates that Davis will stay in Los Angeles.

6 times All Star, MVP of the All-Star Game, Olympic champion in London 2012, 3 times in the Best Quintet of the League, 3 times maximum capper ... In the two campaigns prior to this last season he went up to 28 points and 11 rebounds on average. On 18/19, with restriction of minutes, he has managed to average 26 + 12 + 4. Will return to share equipment with two old acquaintances, Rondo and Cousins, in a trio that represented an alliance broken by an Achilles tendon. And with LeBron. Especially with LeBron. Even the outbreaks of Los Angeles are hard to light someone covered by the shadow of El Rey. We'll see how he manages this. As we have said, the future could depend on it.

Anthony Davis has the curriculum and the talent. He is a magnificent defender who will fit well in the Vogel system. Shot of three, of two, crushes, bounces, blocks, steals, runs and attends. It has all the weapons and all the characteristics to succeed in NBA. And it's in a historical franchise where you can forge your legend. A new era begins in Los Angeles.

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