Lainez: "I do not regret coming to Betis at all"

The Mexican scares the rumors in his country about his future: "It has been the most important decision of my life and I want to be here for many years"

Diego Lainez gave an interview to the official media of Betis in which he went out of step with the doubts that exist in his country about the success or not of having made the leap to Europe in the past winter market. The young attacker has no doubt that he guessed right in his choice: "I do not regret anything, it has been the most important decision of my life and I am very convinced that I want to be here for many years. It's going to be my season and everyone's. "

In addition, for Lainez, the six months he has spent at Betis have been key to having a greater experience and predisposition when beginning this course:" The Six months have gone a long way, Setién helped me a lot ... Now I have a little more experience to face the season, one comes in a different way because he already knows how things work here, I have always noticed the support of the club and I feel very identified with them and I think this is going to be a very good season for everyone. "

To finish, Lainez was convinced that Rubi will be able to get the best version of his game:" I'm with all the disposition It's a good idea to do things well to help you decide. I'm going to put all the best in me, both in talent and in the desire to work backwards. Rubi is a coach who likes to talk to the player and that is very important to continue learning and improve. It has given me a lot of security ".

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