Kyrgios, that neighborhood blockade

If you were more dedicated to playing tennis than to maintain your image of forgiveness, I would bid for the number one, because it exudes quality. But that does not interest him.

Nick Kyrgios is a bad boy that squeezes his image of dodgy, like esos perdonavidas of the neighborhood that strive to maintain their vile reputation based on frightening the staff and not showing fissures in their wrappers of hard types. Kyrgios is able to break rackets or to throw them to the public, launch chairs to the track, to despair the opponent with saques de cuchara, to remind the opponent in full duel with whom his girlfriend has slept, to fall asleep in the seat during a Grand Slam match, to let it win because it has tired of playing ... A long time ago the Australian is not news for his tennis, but for the reel of chaladuras that go viral to infinity in social networks and digital pages. Kyrgios is a mine for new mass communication. And a terrible example for sport.

Si Kyrgios will devote more to playing tennis than to mold su dubious prestige of malote, bid for the world leadership of the ATP, because it exudes quality. But that does not interest him. He does not even have a coach. Rafa Nadal said it clear after his last duel in Acapulco: "He's a good boy, but he lacks a bit of respect for the public, towards the rival and towards himself. He has a huge talent, he could win Grandes and fight for the ranking, but there is a reason for where he is ". And that is the reality, although the Australian does not like to be remembered and prefers to engage in controversial statements. Kyrgios crosses this Thursday with Nadal in Wimbledon, where he won in 2014. Your balance is equal: 3-3. It is a second round poisoned for the Spanish. With Kyrgios on the track, anything can happen. And not only on the score.

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