Keylor is alone

Madrid did not improve its image and will not be in the final of the Audi Cup. Fantastic the Costa Rican. Marcelo's mistake cost him defeat. Kubo wore.

No veterans or novices. Madrid takes time over and remains under the effects of the shock wave of its defeat against Atlético. Benzema does not mark. Hazard does not appear. Modric does not rule. Kroos does not defend. Vinicius and Rodrygo are green. Marcelo asleep. And the defense, on leave. 2 Just holding on to an exceptional Keylor , which reopens the debate, prevented the Tottenham from putting his face red. They also left green buds the minutes that Kubo had, the most promising of the promises. This is going to work out, it was Zidane's message in the New Jersey wake. It will cost you to explain how


Amistante is an adjective that fits a football game worse and worse. More in the newly created macro-tournaments, which bring together almost all the royal houses of the continent. More when August and the official competition approach (the Premier is already on our heels). More if, as in the case of Madrid, you arrive with a neighborhood scramble in the backpack. The preseason also generates red numbers.

With them the Zidane team was presented and a certain lifting in the eleven. Not in the center of the field, where he returned to match Kroos and Modric, which until now have been anything but a border, but with a well-defined 4-2-3-1, with Lucas Vázquez on the right, Rodrygo in the left and Hazard in the midpoint. 222222 Probably the most extended version of the team towards the bands. It did not work out. Madrid seems suspicious and dramatically like last year. And Benzema, to the first Benzema, the one who lived behind the back of the goal. to the jugular of Madrid with a pressure of punishment, to the same area. Without a doubt, it already smells the beginning of the Premier. And that intensity is very poisonous for this Madrid without rhythm, without grace, without morals, without legs. The impression is that he continues where he left it in May, at the same point of depression. They are and the killer instinct of Kane, the nine alpha of world football. A heroic Keylor saved the first three. He could not with the fourth, in play very last year: to avoid a throw-in, Marcelo gave Kane a pass that put him in front of Keylor. There he was already a dead man. In a similar set, Marcelo and Madrid began to get sick a year ago, in the European Super Cup against Atlético. 2 Then the Costa Rican avoided the second, although Benzema also let two very clear ones go for the draw. Hazard, alleged trailer, remains hidden talent. It is clearly out of point. 444444

In the second part the Tottenham changed nine and decomposed the figure. And Madrid continued with them, but with more care and attention. That balanced the situation, although the moments of dominance of Madrid were sos, without really approaching the goal. Quite the opposite of the Tottenham arrivals. Keylor was once again decisive in auctions of Son and Dele Alli.


The duel ended with Rodrygo in one band and Vinicius in the other. What one day can be and is not yet. At first they annulled a goal, the second went on tiptoe. 222222 In the last ten minutes Mariano entered, but only Kubo was seen, and so Madrid added his third defeat in four games. All labels indicate the market address 444444

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