Kawhi only loses money: from 221 million to just sign for 103

The Clippers have signed a 3-year contract and 103 M. They are almost 40 less if it had done 4 and 118 if it were still in San Antonio.

Kawhi Leonard is one of the best players in the world. It is not just for conquering the NBA ring with the Toronto Raptors when no one thought it was possible: in front were the Golden State Warriors of Curry, Durant, Thompson ..., perhaps the greatest team of all time. Neither is it only for that MVP of the Finals, the second of his career and the second with a different team. Something that only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and LeBron James had achieved before.

Lo is also because after an empty season, in which he only played seven games for an injury covered by a veil of mystery and in which ended up unsettling an organization as exemplary as San Antonio Spurs, the forward got all the above: the ring and the MVP of the Finals. As if nothing had happened. As if his most recent past had been a small lap in an incredible race.

Leonard proved with that decisive basket against the Sixers and with that championship that he is a special player. Unique in its spice. Able not to smile To fly over a field as if nothing happened. His strange and introverted character makes him a rare avis in the world of basketball and, more specifically, within the NBA. This countercurrent behavior not only manifests itself with a ball in your hands and your relationship with the media, but also when you decide on your future ... something that has only made you lose huge amounts of money.

The first contract of Kawhi It was like rookie. After being chosen as number 15 in the 2011 draft (outside of the lottery teams), Indiana Pacers transferred him along with Davis Bertans and the rights over Erazem Lorbek for George Hill. With the Texans he signed the standard rookie contract for his position in the draft and the time of dos two years and 3.5 million dollars. San Antonio executed an option on it for 2,9 million in October 2013. Two years later, in 2015, it reached its first maximum: 94,3 million in five years,

The 221 million dollars of 2020

Y from that moment, a plummeting economic options. If Leonard had renewed with the Spurs in 2020 he would have a contract on the table of 221 million spread over five years. However, this Wednesday he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers for 103 million in three years (2 + 1) ... instead of for 141 million in four with the angelinos themselves. When this contract ends, I could only get a new agreement with the Angelenos for 196 million in four courses and not the maximum of 253 million in five.

The impediment to only reach four and not five is that Kawhi can not avail to the Larry Bird exception for not having played three seasons in the same team. He would only be allowed the Early Bird exception, which gives his team to renew their own free agent for 175% more than their last season's salary, but with a maximum limit of four years.

The loss of money with San Antonio and Clippers is not the only one that has suffered: if it had decided to continue in Toronto Raptors, its new agreement with the Canadian franchise could have reached 190 million in four years. From 221 to 190; from 190 to 141; and from 141 to 103. That's the world of Kawhi.

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