Kawhi, Cousins ... The best unsigned free agents

After a frantic opening day, there are only a few players left without deciding their future. Here, the best ones that still remain.

A few seconds after this midnight, the NBA world started to burn. It was not necessary to wait too long for Adrian Wojnarowski, Shams Charania and company to uncover the destinies of the most important free agents. Soon, the pair Kevin Durant and Kirie Irving were confirmed for Brooklyn Nets, the signatures of Kemba Walker by the Celtics and Al Horford by the Sixers or the renovations of Klay Thompson (Warriors) and Kris Middleton (Bucks). The initial effervescence was diluted as the best cards in the deck were placed on the table; However, there are still some outstanding free agents who still do not decide their future. These are the most important.

1. Kawhi Leonard

The MVP of the last Finals. The man who has changed, forever, the history of the Toronto Raptors. And the best basketball player in the market, with Durant's permission and his Achilles tendon injury. Continued defoliating a margarita that is painted with the white color of the Raptors and with the purple and gold of the Lakers. The two franchises yearn to get the services of a differential player on both sides of the court and able to increase their competitive level when the ball burns the most. The latest information brings him closer to the Angelenos (he even asked that the meeting with the team was 'Magic' Johnson), to form a feared Big Three with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but the Canadians have not said their last word. The entire Canadian city is focused on trying to retain its most glittering star. They want the most successful chapter in their young history not to close yet.

2. DeMarcus Cousins

It is one of the biggest unknowns of this period of hiring for their rupture in Achilles tendon a year and a half ago. Last year he defended the Golden State Warriors shirt for a scarce economic amount (only 5 million dollars) for someone of his level (six times All Star). The objective was clear: to complete his recovery in a team that did not count on the rush of victory and, incidentally, to join a champion ring. However, his return this season to the courts has sown doubts in the league. It seems that the one of Albama still is not to the maximum and, the negative cases as far as similar injuries of other stars, also do not accompany the pivot. A DeMarcus seems that it does not have too many options beyond his return to the Kings or to incorporate to the Knicks.

3. Marcus Morris

You are prepared to be a starter, from the first minute, on almost any team in the league. Your profile is adequate to complete a quintet that needs to move to the next competitive level. It is a very physical terior, with defensive talent to stop both small and men of his stature. Add a very solid exterior pitch (38% this course) , with which you can open the rival defenses, and you can also put the ball on the ground without making too many mistakes. In his time in Boston Celtics, he has also recorded that Morris is a team player and that is ready to play important minutes in Playoffs. His next destination may be in the city of Los Angeles, where Clippers and Lakers They struggle to decant the balance.

4. Danny Green

Versed in a thousand battles, this disciple of Gregg Popovich is extremely accurate from the line of three, where he is a specialist. He arrived in Toronto involved in the exchange Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan and his name remained hidden until the last part of the season, where he made use of his experience and his talent to score from the outside (45% in triples this season). With two NBA championships in his personal account and many minutes of Playoffs behind him, franchises seeking veteran and points from the perimeter line already know that Green is his man.

5. Kevon Looney

Ha been one of the players of the Warriors that has remained below the radar, despite being a member of the squad highly valued by Steve Kerr. It is a outstanding defensive specialist, thanks to its great versatility, and in a game scheme where the small ball reine can end up being a remarkable trade title holder. Your final decision will be conditioned by the other contracts.

Other relevant names:

-Rajon Rondo

-JaVale McGee

-JaMychal Green

-Willie Cauley-Stein

-Jabari Parker

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