Iñigo Martínez is already in Lezama

After extending your vacation for your international twist. Bilbao Athletic goalkeeper Ander Iru, who worked with Herrerín, Ezkieta and Oleaga, was also a novelty.

The international center Iñigo Martínez ya is in Lezama after prolonging his vacation a little longer by his participation with the last matches of Spain. He has gone outside the facilities with a ball, he has sat on the fence of Camp 1 to see the games of his teammates and has gone inside to work inside the gym.

Oihan Sancet was not even jumped out the Injured Iñigo Lekue, who recovers from his rectus femoris. A session composed of weights and a physical circuit at the beginning, to continue with four games for four of four groups, with breastplates, with big goals and goalkeepers. It was also news above Bilbao Athletic goalkeeper Ander Iru, who worked first alone and then with Herrerín, Ezkieta and Oleaga. Unai Simón and Unai Núñez are still on holiday, they will join the work coinciding with the German stage march of 21.

Photos from as.com
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