Horford also leaves Boston: the 76ers next to Joel Embiid

Al Horford will not continue in the Celtics. He goes to the 76ers, where he will coincide with Joel Embiid. The Dominican leaves the painting of Boston orphan.

The "mystery team" that was behind Al Horford has been uncovered, basically because it is the one that is going to go. The Dominican parks his stage at Celtics, from which he leaves at the same time as Kyrie Irving, to sign for 76ers.

Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN, has confirmed the news in scoop.

The salary that will be charged is projected to 109 million of dollars, but 12 of them will be subject to some type of bonus for prizes and titles. The duration of the contract is 4 years, without knowing whether there are clauses prior cut.

Al Horford was one of the few who stood up to Joel Embiid as a dominant center in the Eastern Conference and now will share equipment and who knows if position. Brett Brown ensures the experience and versatility of Horford in the last stretch of his career to form an impenetrable interior couple.

Photos from as.com
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