"Maverick has changed and makes the exits quieter"

Esteban García, the new head of mechanics of the winner in Assen, asks his driver more: "You have to take oil also when the bike goes worse."

The relationship of Maverick Viñales and Esteban García and was successful in Moto3. The Catalan had the Madrid as head of mechanics when was crowned world champion of the small class six years ago. Then their ways separated. Esteban worked on the KTM test team last year until he was appointed as the chief mechanic of Bradley Smith and this year he arrived at the Yamaha box, at Mack's request, to replace Ramón Forcada, who is still linked to the brand of the tuning forks with Franco Morbidelli. Esteban gives AS the technical keys of the triumph of his rider in the Assen MotoGP race.

-What is the first thing you can say in hot of this victory, the first one that Maverick gets with you in front of the technical section ?

-The kid has done a carrerón. He has driven as he likes and has felt comfortable with the bike. And Marc has been spectacular, because how he has clung tooth and nail with soft rubber. Very good both. They have made a spectacular race these two.

-Was the victory in Assen waiting?

-We had the mentality to come all the way here. We knew that something good could come out, but since these races are so complicated and it also depends on not being thrown ... There is a lot of level and you always have doubt, but the mentality was good and we came wanting to win.

-Where is the key to victory at the technical level?

-In Montmeló we took a step with the set-up already, to try to find ourselves more comfortable at the beginning of the race and not focus so much on a fast lap but on working for a race. And it seems to be paying off.

-Maverick said the other day in an interview with Ace that with the right weapons can win anyone. It seems true.

- Yes, but what you have to work on is to get oil when the bike is not going well. For example, here Marc has not been comfortable throughout the weekend and has taken oil.

-Are you already planting for next year seen that this can not fight for the title?

-Yes. What is left of the year is to do this kind of races, without pressure and to win as many as we can. Running without pressure is also an advantage, because you are not thinking about the points and you can go to win the race.

-Maverick says it's been a long time, too much, with the clutch deconfigured and that's why it went so badly. What have you done to configure it?

-We have worked a little on the clutch, on the electronics and he has also worked on the way to face the exit mentally.

-Have they adapted to each other?

-We have given him a little things that he needed and that we still have to improve, because the Suzuki come out very well, but with what we have we have tried to get the best performance. We help him with the motorcycle and he has changed the way he faces the exits a bit and he is calmer.

-Does he not attack?


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